Apple’s pay services explained and how to find and change payment methods

As part of its digital services, Apple offer different payment methods that you can use at its own store as well as other online retailers and third-party walk-in shops. It can be difficult to sort out what method applies where. Here’s the rundown to help you figure out where to go and what to change, as needed.

Apple’s payment types

Apple has a lot of different Apple-branded services, payment methods, and gift cards. It’s a shockingly long list, and what Apple offers varies by the country in which you receive bills or have a bank account.

Apple Pay. Apple Pay lets you add credit and debit cards for touchless payment in retail locations and many kinds of online payment. You need a device with Touch ID or Face ID to add cards, and can sync them securely via iCloud among your devices. A Mac without a T2 security chip can rely to a mobile device to use Apple Pay as well. (Apple has a list of in which countries Apple Pay is available.)

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