Best wireless earbuds: Free yourself from the tyranny of cords

One of the most obvious refinements to earbuds has been the minimization, if not outright elimination, of wires—a good thing even if your phone still has a headset jack. Using Bluetooth, today’s top earbuds might have, at most, a wire that connects the two buds to each other—this can be a nice option if you’re prone to misplacing small objects, or you want in-line controls. A wired pair of Bluetooth earbuds is sometimes a more affordable option too, although that’s less so now than it was in the early days of “true wireless” options.

True wireless earbuds are just that, free of any wire whatsoever. Think of Apple’s AirPods as the standard bearer of this category. There are also plenty of AirPod alternatives—some more worthy than others.

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