Your scanner won’t work with Image Capture? Disable a network setting on your all-in-one

Many things in life are inexplicable, and operating systems are no exception. Search for logic and a pattern as much as you like, and you may never find one. That was my reaction to discovering the solution to a problem with Image Capture on the Mac, when it stopped recognizing a scanner connected via USB.

After performing many scans, Image Capture began stating it had an error in connecting to the scanner. I did the usual troubleshooting: disconnect and reconnect the scanner over USB, power cycle the scanner, disconnect the power from the scanner and then plug it back in, and restart the Mac. None of this sufficed.

In searching for an answer, I found scattered references to IPv6, a method of addressing devices on the internet. Why would Internet Protocol version 6 have anything to do with scanner problems? That cry echoes into the void, as there’s no valid explanation for it.

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