iPhone 12 camera replacement issues could hint at further restrictions on third-party Apple repairs

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Apple’s latest iPhone 12 smartphone appears to be even more difficult for third-party companies to repair, according to a report from iFixit. Specifically, the new phone appears to run into issues if a user replaces the camera module, which renders the cameras almost totally unusable.

The issue — first spotted by YouTuber Hugh Jeffreys — doesn’t appear to be a strictly hardware-related problem. As iFixit’s teardown notes, the iPhone 12 is actually a relatively good device when it comes to disassembly and replacement of various key parts.

But should you actually swap a camera module from one iPhone 12 to another, it appears that the phone will reject the replacement part, with iFixit describing issues with the ultrawide camera and…

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