Oops, they did it again: More App Store follies

Would you be surprised to learn that here in the 12 year of the App Store, the vagaries of the approval process have still not gotten ironed out?

Probably not, but doesn’t it seem like they should have on Apple’s side, at least more than they have been to date? At any rate, it happened again.

On Sunday, the makers of iSH, a Linux shell app for iOS, indicated that their app was going to be removed from the App Store on Monday for what Apple claimed was a violation of section 2.5.2 of the company’s Review Guidelines.

If you’re not familiar with all of the sections of the App Store Review Guidelines, well, what have you been reading for the past 10 years? Books? How well has that turned out for you? Anyway, section 2.5.2 says, among other things, that apps may not:

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