Apple’s new M1 MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air: Are the differences as small as they seem?

The first Mac laptops with Apple silicon are here and you can already pre-order them at But picking which model to buy isn’t nearly as easy as it was last week. It’s not just that you’re entering a new world of compatibility, Apple also hasn’t done all that much to differentiate between the two machines. Here’s what we know from diving into the specs.


Neither the 13-inch MacBook Pro nor the MacBook Air is any different than the models they replace. They both measure the same 8.36 inches by 11.97 inches, and the Air still has a tapered edge that extends from 0.16 inches to 0.63 inches while the Pro has a fixed 0.61-inch height. And the Air is lighter at 2.8 pounds versus just 3 pounds on the Pro.

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