iPhone 12 Pro Max review: Maximum display, maximum battery, maximum camera

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is big. Just slightly taller and wider than the iPhone 11 Pro Max (which was already more than a handful), it is most certainly not for those who insist on one-handed operation.

If you’re a big phone kind of person, you’ll probably find the Max version of the iPhone 12 Pro to be worth its $1,099 starting price. While its new camera is only a tiny bit better, the expansive display and incredible battery life make it worth every penny of its price premium.

iPhone 12 Pro, only bigger

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is essentially just a larger iPhone 12 Pro. It’s exactly the same phone in the same colors with the same thickness and style, same display, same A14 chip, same LiDAR, same MagSafe support… just stretched out to a beautiful 6.7-inch display.

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