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Tony Lovitt is eagerly anticipating tuning in to the volleyball competition during this month’s Olympic Games in Paris. Mr. Lovitt, who is years old, holds cherished memories of serving as the principal English and French public-address announcer for indoor volleyball at the Olympic Games in in Los Angeles and in in Atlanta, as well as at the Goodwill Games in Seattle and Spokane, Washington. According to Mr. Lovitt, I possess proficiency in conversational French, at least sufficiently to deliver the scripted announcements at the Olympics. His journey with French began in third grade. French stands as the recognized language of…

In accordance with regulations, all announcements are to be delivered in English, French, and the official language of the country hosting the event. Lovitt asserts that he was a trailblazer in providing live radio commentary for volleyball matches in El Paso starting in with the El Paso-Juarez Sol team, which competed in the professional International Volleyball Association. Additionally, he served as the announcer for the inaugural match of the IVA on May , , held at the San Diego Sports Arena. Furthermore, he proudly proclaims to have been the first play-by-play television commentator for a volleyball game aired on ESPN-TV in September .

Volleyball matches have been held across various locations in North America, including the pre-Olympic volleyball tournament at Earl’s Court, London, stated Lovitt. In , Lovitt made the transition to San Diego to serve as a media relations consultant for the USA men’s national volleyball team, who had moved from Dayton, Ohio to prepare for the Olympics. This month, on July and , Lovitt will participate in a reunion gathering of players and coaches from the men’s U.S. Olympic volleyball team, which secured their inaugural Olympic gold medal on August , , at the Long Beach Arena. The majority of players and coaches from that historic team are all set to commemorate this significant achievement.

former players from the team are anticipated to be present at a casual team dinner scheduled for Saturday, July , which will take place at the Hilton Long Beach Hotel,” Lovitt mentioned. “Following this, on Sunday, July , during the USA women’s volleyball match against the Netherlands at The Pyramid in Long Beach, individuals such as players, coaches, and key staff members who made significant contributions to the team’s achievements prior to will be acknowledged during halftime. I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with all attendees, including Karch.” Karch Kiraly, the head coach of the Olympics USA women’s volleyball team, has secured three Olympic victories.

A decorated athlete who achieved medal-winning success as a member of the men’s team during the and Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, and later joined the men’s beach volleyball team in . Not only did he excel as a player, but he also demonstrated his coaching prowess by guiding the USA women’s indoor volleyball team to a gold medal victory in Tokyo in . Lovitt resided in San Diego from April to April before making the decision to relocate to Las Vegas. Despite some questioning his move, Lovitt expressed contentment with his new surroundings and lifestyle, highlighting the fulfillment he finds in building new relationships and indulging in regular rounds of golf within his current community. Presently, Lovitt embraces the present moment with a strong sense of satisfaction and gratitude for his life.

son-in-law’s three-year orthodontic residency at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, he came across Sun City Summerlin, a community for individuals aged and above that features three golf courses and numerous amenities. In March , he purchased his current residence with cash obtained from selling his condo in La Jolla. He finds that his quality of life in Sun City Summerlin is superior and more cost-effective compared to his four decades in San Diego, despite missing the ocean and La Jolla Cove.

The moral

As Lovitt continues to excel in his coaching career and adapt to his new home in Las Vegas, his journey serves as a reminder of the resilience and flexibility required to navigate life’s changes. Through his commitment to personal growth and pursuit of his passions, Lovitt embodies a spirit of gratitude and contentment that inspires others to embrace new opportunities with an open heart. As he forges ahead on his path, we can all learn from his example of embracing the present moment with a sense of fulfillment and appreciation for the journey.


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