“Breaking Boundaries: The Impact of Ruichao Wu’s Experimental Sound on Classical Music”


Ms. U is widely recognized for her diverse musical style. Along her musical path, she has achieved a number of prestigious accolades, such as winning the top award in the Composition Professional Group at the UK International Music Competition, receiving the Platinum Award at the Universal International Music Competition for Composition, and attaining second place in composition at the Vienna International Music Competition, among other recognitions. These honors not only validate her musical prowess but also stand as proof of her continuous pursuit of excellence and advancement in the field of music. We are delighted to have the opportunity to converse today with the esteemed Ms. U.

Good day, esteemed audience. Prior to commencing the question and answer portion, may I respectfully request that each individual present offer a warm and proper introduction to our inquisitive readers? It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself as Ruichao Wu, a composer hailing from China and presently residing in Los Angeles. Equipped with a Master’s degree in Contemporary Media and Film Composition from the prestigious Eastman School of Music, my current focus lies within the realm of the film industry in this vibrant city. My expertise lies in the art of creating evocative scores for a diverse array of film and media projects, with the ultimate goal of enriching narrative storytelling through the medium of music.

As the creator of Pink Nami Noise, I am dedicated to bringing a unique blend of sonic elements to life. Through my work in film scoring, I continuously strive to provide captivating and emotionally resonant musical journeys for audiences worldwide. How would you define your musical approach, and what factors or experiences have influenced your artistic development thus far? I often characterize my music as adaptable and multifaceted, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences including the operatic works of Puccini and Rossini, as well as the ballet compositions of Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky.

Since my early years, I have harbored an aspiration to convey narratives through the medium of music. In pursuit of this goal, I dedicated myself to honing my skills across a diverse range of musical genres, seamlessly blending them into my compositions. I take great pleasure in immersing myself in folk music traditions from across the globe, delving into the rich cultural tapestries that underpin these art forms and exploring the distinctive instruments they feature. These ancient and vibrant sounds have consistently served as foundational pillars in my musical creations.

Beyond my musical pursuits, I harbor a deep-seated passion for philosophy, drawing inspiration from influential thinkers such as Nietzsche and Adorno. As I reflect on my educational journey at the esteemed China Academy of Art, I am compelled to consider how it has shaped and enriched my artistic endeavors.

The influence of the China Academy of Art and the Eastman School of Music has had a profound impact on my approach to composition. During my time at the China Academy of Art, I focused on obtaining a degree in Recording Arts within the Film Department. This involved immersing myself in all facets of sound production for films, including dialogue, sound effects, scoring, theme songs, synchronous sound recording, foley, mixing, and composition. Moreover, our curriculum encompassed the study of various film and art-related subjects such as editing, cinematography, scriptwriting, scene design, and lighting. The program also emphasized independent work and research in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the craft.

My comprehension of the art of cinema has been deepened and refined, allowing me to create music with a filmmaker’s vision in mind. This has enhanced my ability to effectively communicate with directors. Through regular engagement with skilled filmmakers and animators, I have gained invaluable practical experience in composing scores for films. During my time at the prestigious Eastman School of Music, I received a comprehensive education in composition and music production, resulting in notable advancements in my capacity to create film scores. This has led to increased opportunities to work alongside orchestras and has expanded my career as both a film and concert composer.


Overall, my experience at the China Academy of Art has been incredibly rewarding as I honed my skills in recording arts for film production. The comprehensive curriculum not only equipped me with practical knowledge in sound production but also broadened my understanding of various aspects of film and art. Through independent work and research, I have developed a deep appreciation for the intricacies of the craft and feel confident in my ability to pursue a career in the film industry. I am grateful for the opportunities and knowledge gained during my time at the academy and look forward to applying them in future projects.


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