“From Poverty to Pride: How Bukom, Ghana Nurtures World-Class Boxers”


Abdul Wahid Omar asserts, The demeanor one must uphold in Jamestown embodies toughness. This community faces poverty and children with abundant vitality but limited constructive outlets. The introduction of boxing serves as a pathway to a safer tomorrow – potentially leading to athletic success through dedication. This story, prevalent in various locations such as Havana, Manila, and Philadelphia, is exemplified exceptionally in Bukom, Jamestown. Situated within the coastal region of Accra, Ghana, Bukom stands as a prominent hub for boxing training and skill development.

-year-old Omar, a six-time national champion, has proudly represented Ghana in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics and currently holds the position of captain for the national team as they prepare for the upcoming Paris Games. Following in the footsteps of boxing legends such as Azumah “The Professor” Nelson and DK Poison, Omar has trained diligently in Bukom, a region known for producing eight world champions despite its humble roots. These boxing greats have set a high standard for excellence, and Omar is determined to continue their legacy with his own remarkable achievements.

Local boxing legend and trainer Charles Quartey stated, It is our innate nature to engage in combat. In March, Ghana had the honor of hosting the African Games, which featured a vibrant boxing program centered in Bukom. Before the competition, CNN conducted interviews with experienced fighters from this renowned school of pugilism as well as up-and-coming talent. Bukom is characterized by its open-air gyms and impromptu boxing rings formed by gathered onlookers rather than traditional ropes. The neighborhood is adorned with weathered posters of former champions, serving as a silent testament to their enduring legacy.

It is a location renowned for its passion for boxing. According to Kodzo Gavua, who holds the position of associate professor at the University of Ghana, boxing is deeply ingrained in the cultural heritage of this area. Through his anthropological studies, Gavua has delved extensively into the world of boxing in Jamestown. He emphasizes that boxing plays a crucial role in fostering unity and harmony among the community members. Despite the appearance of violence associated with the sport, Gavua asserts that Jamestown is actually one of the most peaceful areas in Accra, and perhaps even in all of Ghana. However, challenges continue to persist for the youth in this locality.

Quartey, a former amateur boxer who currently operates a renowned gym, reflects on the challenges faced by the coastal community. He emphasizes that some individuals within this community struggle to afford educational expenses, highlighting the personal fortune he experienced in his own life journey. Quartey’s military service and subsequent international travels provided him with perspective on the stagnant circumstances of his peers back home. Motivated to make a difference, Quartey shifted his focus tods nurturing the youth of the next generation by establishing a boxing gym. His goal is to offer children an opportunity to break free from life on the streets and engage in a supportive environment that not only hones their boxing ss but also provides them with guidance and support beyond the ring. In his own words, Quartey expresses, We provide for them, we equip them.

We provide nourishment and education to the youth in our care, striving to ensure they do not succumb to neglect within society. The gyms of Bukom are renowned for their fierce competitiveness, both amongst themselves and with external rivals. Notably, prominent clubs such as the Black Panthers Gym and the Wisdom Gym, recognized as the national training center, participate in the highly competitive Ghana Professional Boxing League. This league is a team-based competition that is frequently held at the Bukom Boxing Arena, the country’s first purpose-built facility of its kind, inaugurated in , which has since become a central point of focus.

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As Quartey reflects on his own path and the opportunities that have come his way, he is driven by a deep desire to give back and provide the same chances for success to the youth in his community. By creating a safe and supportive space for children to grow and develop both physically and mentally, Quartey is helping to break the cycle of poverty and violence that plagues many of their lives. Through his dedication to nurturing the next generation, Quartey is not only shaping future boxing champions but also molding young minds that will go on to make a positive impact on their communities. His commitment to providing support and guidance beyond the ring is truly inspiring, and serves as a powerful reminder of the difference one person can make in the lives of others.


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