“From Street Art to Museum Exhibitions: The Evolution of Contemporary Art”


During the edition in Basel, Art Basel showcased an installation titled Honouring, Wheatfield – A Confrontation by American artist Agnes Denes at the Messeplatz Project. Visitors were observed taking selfies in front of this artwork, which was part of the fair for Modern and contemporary art. This event took place in Basel, Switzerland on June , . The photograph capturing this moment was taken by Valentin FLAURAUD and is to be used only for editorial purposes, with mandatory credit to the artist upon publication, as specified in the caption.

The exhibition showcases exceptional artistic works in various mediums such as painting, sculpture, photography, and digital art. A total of new participants have joined the esteemed group of international exhibitors at the renowned Swiss fair. Under the leadership of Maike Cruse, Director of Art Basel in Basel, a redesigned Parcours sector curated by Stefanie Hessler, Director of Swiss Institute, will be introduced for the first time. Additionally, a new venue has been established at the renovated former Hotel Merian to host continuous artistic events and shows throughout the day.

The collaboration between Rlines and media artist Refik Anadol on the Inner Portrait project showcases the harmonious integration of art and technology. Anadol, celebrated for his pioneering application of data in producing immersive art, translates human encounters into compelling visual stories. Through the utilization of cutting-edge AI technologies and neuroscientific sensors, Anadol’s work on Inner Portrait captures the emotional and cognitive reactions of novice explorers. The unprocessed emotional data, which encompasses physiological responses such as heart rate and EEG readings, serves as the basis for AI Data Paintings that eloquently depict the transformative influence of travel. Refik Anadol’s Inner Portrait project stands as a testament to the profound synthesis of artistic creativity and technological innovation.

Refik Anadol’s artwork showcased at Art Basel demonstrates a profound exploration of the inner worlds of four individuals with varied backgrounds. Through his distinctive approach, Anadol highlights their reactions to unfamiliar surroundings, underscoring a shared human aspiration for discovery and intercultural communication. In doing so, he challenges conventional artistic boundaries by reimagining the possibilities of visual representation.

Through the use of technological advancements, Anadol demonstrates an appreciation for the profound impact of travel, thus establishing himself as a prominent figure in modern media art. The inauguration of the Refik Anadol x Turkish Airlines immersive art exhibition at Art Basel , as mentioned by Megan Derks, exemplifies this sentiment. Anadol himself articulates, In my artistic endeavors, I have been fortunate to traverse the globe, allowing me to intimately grasp the life-altering nature of exploring unfamiliar territories, engaging with diverse communities, and immersing oneself in new customs. Anadol further expresses his gratitude for collaborating with Turkish Airlines on a project that will provide four individuals with the opportunity to embark on their inaugural international voyage.

The Inner Portrait platform is renowned for its celebration of artistic innovation and cultural exchange through the exploration of boundaries and challenging of perspectives. In Autumn , a -minute documentary showcasing Inner Portrait will be released. One notable piece to look out for is Ai WeiWei’s ‘Therese Dreaming, ‘ at Galleria Continua, constructed entirely using toy bricks (LEGO). Ai Weiwei stated that his work is influenced by literary figures like Arthur Rimbaud and Walt Whitman, emphasizing the importance of language in understanding his recent creations.

In Summary

In conclusion, the partnership between Refik Anadol and Turkish Airlines not only showcases the power of art to transcend boundaries but also highlights the transformative potential of travel. By offering individuals the chance to experience the world in a new light, this immersive art exhibition demonstrates the profound impact that cultural exchange and exploration can have on personal growth and understanding. It is a reminder of the beauty and richness that awaits us when we open ourselves up to new experiences and connections in the world around us.


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