“Uncover the Truth with NCIS: Parker”


A discernible pattern is beginning to emerge when NCIS stars Brian Dietzen and Scott Williams collaborate on the writing for an episode: it appears sure to elicit a great deal of emotion. Their first installment, Season ‘s “The Helpers”, saw Dr. Jimmy Palmer (Dietzenand Kasie Hines (Diona Reasonoverbecome poisoned while his daughter was visiting with him at work. In the new episode entitled “Old Wounds” from Season , Alden Parker (Gary Coleis forced to confront his emotions as he investigates the murder of a Navy officer transporting millions of dollars’ worth of opioids, with a conman from his FBI past being the primary suspect.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are presented with an insight into Dr. Jimmy Palmer and Jessica Knight’s (Katrina Lawrelationship as well as the case that poses a significant challenge for the team, especially for Special Agent Parker. As Brian Dietzen remarks, this long-dormant personal case from Parker’s FBI days returns, delivering a transformation in him from a happy and protective team leader to a man consumed by determination to uncover the truth. This episode seeks to delve into the character of Parker, showcasing a different side of him.

I am delighted to be the newest member of the team and attribute much of this delight to the impeccable talent of Gary Cole. I have been an admirer of his career and accomplishments for many years. Knowing that I would be able to co-write another episode with Scott Williams, I wished to center the narrative on Parker’s history. We have glimpsed various habits, hobbies, and quirks that Parker displays in addition to his obvious devotion to his teammates. It is my wish to understand why our showrunner, Steve Binder, and several others have chosen to develop such a distinguished character.

I inquired to Steve about the possibility of crafting an episode in which I could elucidate upon some of the breadcrumbs that had been so artfully laid out by our other writers. To my joy, he granted me permission to do so and when I discussed the idea with Gary Cole, who was also in Hawaii shooting for the Hawaii crossover, over dinner we had together, I divulged my aim of fabricating an origin story for his character as to why he has these hobbies.

When I inquired into the possibility for him to join me in doing a segment on pastries, he responded with enthusiasm: “I’m game. This sounds great.” As anticipated, he did not fail to deliver. He is nothing short of a consummate professional and an admirable person. An element that both of the episodes I wrote share is the inclusion of emotive scenes; first with Jimmy, now with Parker. What do I find most enjoyable about writing those types of scenes? In my opinion, what I enjoy the most is being able draw from the influences of mid-century American theatre, such as Arthur Miller.

Eugene O’Neill, Tennessee Williams, and other noteworthy works of literature – particularly those of William Shakespeare – are all subjects with which I have had great familiarity. Subsequently, I have taken part in a multitude of festivals dedicated to the aforementioned playwright, many of which are renowned for their intense thematic elements. It is this aspect of my craft that I find particularly impacting. However, this facet of storytelling has been significantly combined with what NCIS does best: revolving not around a case-of-the-week format, but around character development, as we seek to tell stories inspired not just by current affairs, but also by the depth of our own characters.

In Summary

In conclusion, writing for the screen is an enjoyable and rewarding process that requires a certain degree of creativity, precision, and attention to detail. Working with people such as Jimmy and Parker only makes it more special as these masterful actors bring fresh ideas to life. Drawing from the influence of masters like Arthur Miller also allows for captivating scenes that are truly a pleasure to take part in crafting. Ultimately, I believe it is a craft that should be enjoyed by many and I look forward to taking part in it again in the future.


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