A Comparison of the Architecture in Vienna and Mexico City


Travel Writer Chaya Milchtein has recently unveiled a novel column for Salon Food, entitled “A Fatty’s Guide to Traveling and Eating the World,” aimed at aiding travelers of all sizes on their travels. In her initial piece, Milchtein stated: “Similar to most fat people, travelling and experiencing new things comes with its own set of problems and considerations (and necessitates an abundance of planning).” These issues encompass having to ascertain weight limits when undertaking activities such as helicopter rides, scuba diving, Segways tours and ATV rentals, which are not always listed in traditional vacation itineraries. Despite these challenges, Milchtein continues to explore the world.

This year, Milchtein has been travelling across the globe, from Lisbon to Las Vegas, and it has been a pleasure reading her accounts of her adventures, especially as an increasing number of us have remained in our own locality due to the effects of the pandemic. To commemorate this year, I have collated some of Milchtein’s most popular posts from . With anticipation, I look forwards to another year of travel, and to experiencing all that comes with it from the comfort of my home through her writing.

Prior to our impending departure, we procured tickets to Mexico City without a second thought,” she penned. “We had no itinerary, hotel reservations, or arrangements in place; however, we were fervent with enthusiasm and elated to be going back.” Jodyann Morgan of Churros then took advantage of the opportunity to attend a churro masterclass, which is exactly the sort of course that would entice me to return to studies. Participants designed circles, spirals, hearts, and other artwork out of the sinfully-delicious cinnamon-coated dough. “Following this, we brewed cafe de olla with cinnamon sticks, dark brown cane sugar, and orange peels,” Milchtein continued.

I was filled with ebullient joy upon discovering that Milchtein had provided recommendations for dining destinations in my beloved favorite cities of the American South that I had yet to experience. Of the listed restaurants, SABA captured my attention most. Its Middle Eastern-inspired menu, interlaced with Jewish cultural influences, is certainly an intriguing prospect. Milchtein’s account of the Louisiana blue crab-topped hummus as a harmonious combination is particularly alluring. Moreover, they deemed the floral soda a fragrant accompaniment to any meal and even suggested the addition of vodka for individuals with a preference for it. I am thus eager to visit SABA on my next trip.

Milchtein wrote, “Although I do not normally order chicken, the harissa-roasted chicken with charred scallions and caramelized lemon was executed exquisitely. The only item on the menu that I would not choose is the duck matzah ball soup; however, this may be due to my past experiences with the dish as I grew up eating it and have since come to possess very specific standards for it.” Further, Milchtein commented on Vienna in their words, “Come for the currywurst, stay for the organic bonbons!”.

Visiting a Wurstelstand is an experience all its own; from the bustling energy of the crowd to the ambience created by the sonic blend of different languages, it is well worth taking in for the ample selection of Bratwurst, Currywurst, Käsekrainer, and Burenwurst. For something on the sweeter side, the Bluhendes Konfekt shop offers an impressive array of organic bonbons crafted by chocolatier Michael Diewald, utilizing fruits, herbs, leaves, and flowers sourced from Vienna’s woodlands. Each component is carefully processed before being transformed into powder and used to coat the confections.

The moral

Overall, it is clear that Milchtein holds Vienna in very high regard. The fact that they felt the need to visit more than once and write about their experience speaks volumes about the city’s appeal. Additionally, the charm of Vienna’s cuisine was highlighted by Milchtein’s positive comments about their meal at a restaurant, showing that it is truly memorable in terms of culinary experiences. All in all, Vienna is clearly a city with a great deal to offer, from its excellent food to its unique atmosphere and culture.


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