A must-see for world history buffs – The Daedalic Kore


Santorini’s return to the spotlight as one of the world’s top destinations for sports and sea tourism has been met with great enthusiasm from visitors. The new impressive running routes and the established one-of-a-kind open water swimming route offer unique Aegean views of Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, Akrotiri, and the Volcano. From countries such as the U.S.A., Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa, Nigeria, Jamaica, India, Great Britain, Germany and France, amateur and professional swimmers and runners gathered in Santorini on September -. Culture was also in the spotlight with the Daedalic Kore of Thira being showcased during the event.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Ms. Sofia Zacharaki, the Mayor of Thira, Mr. Antonios Sigalas and the Deputy Mayor of Thira and Head of Culture, Ms. Sofia Kitsou visited the Daedalic Kore of Thira. The rare masterpiece of Greek sculpture from the th century BC, which came to light in by the Thiraean archaeologist Charalambos Sigalas, during a rescue excavation in the cemetery of the ancient city of Thira, in southeastern Sellada, is now the central exhibit of the under renovation Archaeological Museum of Thira. The world now, has the opportunity to admire the archaic Kore made.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Ms. Sofia Zacharaki, had the pleasure of being in Santorini on September – for the revival of the iconic sports tourism event, the Santorini Experience. The event is establishing itself as a major sporting event that unites culture and sports, with many participant athletes from all over the world. The participants even had the opportunity to take a guided tour of the white Naxian marble of supernatural size.

The Ministry of Tourism was pleased to award its patronage to the Santorini Experience, an event that showcases how even the most popular tourist destinations in Greece have the potential to further diversify their offerings and provide visitors with more high-quality options. This is in line with our priority of supporting events that promote sports and cultural tourism, as they provide a unique point of reference not only for the island of Santorini, but also for Greece as a whole.

“Greece and Greeks, with this year’s success of tourism, have shown that we are able not only to overcome global crises, but also exceed all expectations,” said the Mayor of Thira, Antonios Sigalas. “The bet for the future is for tourism development to be sustainable, balanced and qualitative. And in this, the role of institutions like Santorini Experience is pivotal.

We were very pleased to learn that the Half Marathon was named after the Daedalic Kore of Thira. Today, it was our honor and privilege to accompany the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Ms. Zacharaki, on a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Santorini. The Municipality of Thira places great importance not only on tourism, but also on culture and sports. This is evident in their investment program, which has once again received support from the Ministry of Culture. This support will allow the museum to continue to be one of Thira’s most popular tourist attractions.

In Summary

The conclusion of this article is that Greece and Greeks have shown that they are capable of overcoming global crises and exceeding expectations. This is a positive sign for the future of tourism in Greece, which is focused on being sustainable, balanced, and qualitative.


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