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It appears that Airbnb is set to surpass all of its prior records considering its expanding user base from year to year. In the video featured above, there was a report from Airbnb prior to the inception of the pandemic. It is envisioned that will be a momentous year for the platform. After suspending the program temporarily due to the pandemic, it has now reinstated “Airbnb Experiences” as a way for guests to book not only accommodation, but activities too.CEO Brian Chesky recently declared alterations to the fee structure to make it more transparent while also reducing checkout requirements, increasing the user-friendliness of the website. The top ten trending destinations for the present have further boosted Airbnb’s potential success.

As the influx of potential travel opportunities for have been made public by Airbnb, now is an opportune time to begin planning a globetrotting escapade. With careful consideration of the most sought-after cities according to searches on the platform this year, travelers may be able to maximize cost savings while still enjoying an unforgettable journey. It appears that post-pandemic revenge travel could still be influencing some travellers as tropical locales are topping the list for the upcoming year.

It is not surprising that many of the cities in the top ten have picturesque coastal scenery. Leading this list is the city of Málaga in Spain’s south. This historic birthplace of Picasso has a kaleidoscope of historical structures, from Arab fortifications to Roman theatres, Phoenician fortresses to medieval cathedrals. One of the most prominent events hosted here is Feria de Málaga, a custom festival that runs throughout August and showcases fireworks, patron saint processions, flamenco and bullfighting, with the streets populated by energetic revelers from the morning hours until late into the night.

Coming in at number one is ‘Down Under,’ the picturesque beaches and stunning cityscapes of Sydney, Australia. Second place goes to the coffee mecca Melbourne, Australia, followed closely by ‘City of Sails’ Auckland, New Zealand. Rounding out the top five is Bangkok, Thailand – renowned for its vibrant street life, exquisite temples, and distinctive cuisine – which has been a popular destination among tourists in Southeast Asia for many years. Now with resurgent bookings to Thailand and accommodation occupancy rates back up from pandemic lows, Bangkok is well and truly back on the map.

Ranked in seventh and eighth place as favoured destinations by thrill seekers is the stunning coastal cities of Florianópolis and Porto Seguro, Brazil. Ninth place belongs to Perth, Australia; a world-class city widely recognized as the planet’s most isolated locale, boasting one of the largest inner city parks that exceeds Central Park in New York City. Lastly, in tenth place is Salvador, Brazil, renowned for its Portuguese colonial architecture blended with Afro-Brazilian culture. Aland, on the South Island of New Zealand is considered the leading choice for avid adventurers due to its many extreme sports and outdoor activities. To save on expenses whilst experiencing all these wonderful locations, staying in awe-inspiring Airbnbs is highly recommended.

Despite being a real delight, the platform used to be much cheaper. However, during the pandemic, the average Airbnb one-night stay in the US has surpassed the price of a hotel room. Nevertheless, there are several tactics guests can use to reduce the cost. For example, seeking out new listings is an excellent approach to finding savings. This is because hosts of newly-listed properties are often desperate to get their early guests and good reviews, thus they tend to list the property at a lower price. By filtering for recently listed places, one can take advantage of these potentially undervalued properties which may be just as desirable.

In Summary

In conclusion, these top ten cities in the world have something to offer every type of traveler. Whether you’re looking for a quiet beach getaway, an extreme activity adventure, or an urban exploration of culture and architecture, these cities have it all. Furthermore, Airbnbs offer affordable accommodations in each of these locations that can help any traveler save money while experiencing all that these cities have to offer.


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