As UK’s Truss fights for job, new finance minister warns of tough decisions ahead


It’s been a tumultuous few weeks for British politics, and Prime Minister Theresa May is hanging on to her job by a thread. Her leadership was dealt a major blow when she was forced to fire her chancellor of the exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng, in an attempt to calm the ongoing economic and political crisis.

Former Conservative leader William Hague has said that Truss’ leadership is ‘hanging by a thread’, and it’s not hard to see why. In an attempt to appease financial markets that have been in turmoil for three weeks, Truss scrapped parts of her controversial economic package and fired Kwasi Kwarteng.

1. What caused the economic and political crisis that led to the firing of Kwasi Kwarteng?

In recent years, the United Kingdom has experienced an economic and political crisis that has led to the firing of Kwasi Kwarteng. This crisis was caused by a number of factors, including the global financial crisis of 2008, the Brexit referendum of 2016, and the subsequent negotiations with the European Union. These factors have led to a decrease in confidence in the UK economy, and to a rise in inflation and unemployment. The UK government has responded to this crisis by making a number of tough decisions, including raising taxes and cutting spending. These decisions have led to a decline in living standards and an increase in poverty.

2. What did the firing of Kwarteng and the scrapping of the economic package accomplish?

The firing of Kwarteng and the scrapping of the economic package was meant to send a message to the UK that the government was serious about making tough decisions in the face of economic uncertainty. The hope was that by taking these actions, it would encourage businesses and consumers to spend and invest again, helping to boost the economy.

Quick Summary

In conclusion, it is clear that Jeremy Hunt is prepared to make some difficult decisions in order to turn the Truss administration around. He has already signaled a reversal of his predecessor’s tax-cutting approach, and it is likely that more changes will be forthcoming. Only time will tell whether or not this will be enough to save the Truss administration, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.


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