Behind the Scenes: What it Takes to Plan a Royal Wedding


traditional values and stability, with the presence of international dignitaries serving as a testament to the importance of the occasion.

The royal wedding of Crown Prince Hussein and his Saudi Arabian bride, Rajwa Alseif, in Jordan was marked by the unexpected arrival of Britain’s Prince William and Kate. The attendance of these eminent figures had been concealed and was disclosed through Jordanian state media just prior to the palace ceremony. Representing continuity in an Arab state renowned for its conventional principles and steadiness, the nuptials underscore the significance of the event as evidenced by the attendance of distinguished global personalities.

The scheduled activities for Thursday afternoon present an opportunity for Hussein to gain greater exposure amongst a global audience. The festivities serve not only to bolster the royal family’s order of succession but also to refurbish its image following a rift within the palace. Furthermore, this celebratory event may facilitate Jordan’s acquisition of a strategic alliance with Saudi Arabia, a neighboring nation blessed with vast oil resources. This morning, guests and tourists from Saudi Arabia, attired in white dishdasha robes for men and brightly colored abayas for women, were observed traversing through the luxurious marbled lobby of Amman’s Four Seasons Hotel. Amongst them was Noura Al Sudairi, the bride’s aunt, who was seen wearing sweatpants and sneakers.

Breakfast. The union has caused great excitement and happiness among us all, as it represents a beautiful connection between our families and fosters a stronger relationship between Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The anticipation for this grand event, the most significant royal occasion in years, has been growing in Amman, with banners of Hussein and his joyful bride adorning public transportation and hillside roads. Shops have displayed an array of regal merchandise, sparking curiosity amongst enthusiasts about Alseif’s dress designer, although it remains undisclosed to the public. Nancy Tirana, a -year-old law intern, expressed her thoughts on the matter.

Every detail of Alseif’s attire and movements was carefully observed by Tirana. She exclaimed, Alseif exudes sheer beauty and grace. Her adoration for the queen is palpable in her body language. Tirana relished the Jordanian speciality dish, mansaf, as she expressed her excitement for the upcoming nuptials that seemed to be taking place throughout the country. The royal heir, Hussein, has been garnering more attention as he accompanies his father, King Abdullah II, at public events, and the citizens of Jordan keenly follow his progress.

and modernity, the nuptials of the Crown Prince of Jordan are much anticipated by people around the world. Having already made a name for himself in the literary world and gaining ample global recognition through his speeches at the U.N. General Assembly, this marriage is being hailed as a crucial rite of passage for him. According to political analyst Amer Sabaileh, it’s not just a union but also a presentation of the future king of Jordan. With the crown prince issue settled, this wedding provides a brief moment of joy for Jordanians amidst their tough economic conditions. In fact, palace officials have turned this event into an elaborate PR campaign, which combines elements of both traditional and modern practices, captivating audiences worldwide.

Drawn carriages. The newlyweds, Princess Raiyah bint Al Hussein and Ned Donovan tied the knot at a private ceremony in the historic city of Petra.

The marriage of Princess Raiyah bint Al Hussein and Ned Donovan was marked by the introduction of a wedding hashtag, #CelebratingAlHussein, and a ubiquitous logo that combines the couple’s initials with Arabic words for We rejoice. Images and videos from the traditional pre-wedding henna party and Saudi Arabian engagement ceremony last summer were widely shared across state-affiliated media platforms. In light of the occasion, the kingdom has declared Thursday a public holiday to enable crowds to gather and cheer on the red Land Rover jeep motorcade in which the newlyweds traveled – paying homage to the classic carriage procession tradition. The wedding took place at a private ceremony within the sprawling ancient city of Petra.

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In essence, the wedding of Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah and Princess Sara bint Faisal has given Jordanians a reason to celebrate amidst their current economic struggles. Beyond its importance as a union, this wedding is also key for the future of Jordan, as it puts the spotlight on the country’s future king. As the palace officials work hard to make this event a successful PR campaign, audiences around the world are being captivated by its blend of traditional and modern practices. All in all, this momentous occasion is a clear reflection of the Jordanian spirit – one that remains hopeful and optimistic despite challenging times.


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