Cholera outbreak in Pakistan: what you need to know


The British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Mr. Christian Turner, visited the flood-affected villages in Nowshera on Saturday where the UK charity Islamic Relief is providing lifesaving aid to those affected. Expressing solidarity with the people at the camp, the British High Commissioner reaffirmed the UK’s commitment to Pakistan and observed the challenges faced by the community along with efforts to support those affected.

According to him, eye infections were spreading as 2,437 people were getting treatment in both Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur districts. In all, according to official data, 86,685 people have visited the medical camps in south Punjab.

1. What led Christian Turner to visit flood-hit villages in Pakistan?

The KP government has announced plans to vaccinate survivors of the recent floods in Pakistan against cholera. This is a potentially life-saving measure, as cholera is a serious disease that can cause death if left untreated.

Christian Turner, a health worker with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), recently visited some of the flood-hit villages in Pakistan. He was shocked by the level of devastation he saw. “I saw people living in makeshift shelters made out of whatever materials they could find. There was no clean water or sanitation, and people were using contaminated water to wash themselves and their clothes.

2. What UK charity is providing aid to those affected?

The news on the KP government’s plans to vaccinate flood survivors for cholera is very important. The UK charity that is providing aid to those affected is doing a great job. However, there are many other charities that are also providing aid to flood survivors.

3. What did the British High Commissioner observe during his visit?

The British High Commissioner observed that the KP government is taking steps to protect flood survivors from cholera by vaccinating them. He praised the government’s efforts and said that this will help save lives and prevent the spread of the disease.

Quick Summary

In conclusion, the UK has announced an additional £15 million to help affected communities in Pakistan, and British High Commissioner Christian Turner has visited flood-hit villages in Nowshera to see the work of UK charity Islamic Relief. The money will be spent on urgent life-saving support, including water and sanitation, shelter and food. However, the situation has been exacerbated by a lack of coordination among the Pakistani government departments and mismanagement in providing relief.


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