Creating with a Purpose: Understanding What Drives Bella Thorne’s Creative Vision


Bella Thorne exemplifies the daily life of many individuals. The year old actress and designer strives to maintain a success career while also cherishing her relationships with friends. To begin her day, she maps out all of her necessary tasks. Afterwards, she may take extended drives to satisfy various roles in her job. In an exclusive discussion with Us Weekly, on newsstands now, Thorne illustrates her interpretation of the situation. She states,”I take a lot of long car rides due to my work schedule. I keep myself entertained by googling cute red panda bear photos and videos between calls.

Although her schedule is filled with projects, Midnight Sun actress Bella Thorne is never short on opportunities. In addition to acting and her Thorne Dynasty jewelry line, she is currently in the process of shooting her next short film. “I am highly enthusiastic for my upcoming short film which I wrote and conceptualized,” says Thorne. Last year she produced, directed, and acted in the short Her & Him. The Time Is Up star further elaborates that the advantage of her itinerant lifestyle is having her closest friends accompany her during the ride. “I thoroughly enjoy traveling with my best friends, who coincidentally are also people I work closely with.

Thorne spoke to Us of her decision to accompany her manager Thor Bradwell when travelling, asserting that “Life is better that way when we’re one team.” Thorne has also expressed interest in a possible project which has yet to be given the greenlight – a reboot of Shake It Up with Zendaya. In an exclusive interview with Us in December , she expressed her enthusiasm for the potential collaboration, noting that she was curious to see where her and Zendaya’s characters Cece and Rocky are now.

Between and , Bella Thorne had the pleasure of working alongside the esteemed Euphoria actress, Zendaya. Despite having gone their separate ways a decade ago, they have remained supportive of one another’s respective careers. In an emotional proclamation, Thorne was cited as saying, “Zendaya’s amazing. I f—king love her. She’s always been amazing and she’s always going to be amazing. I’m just happy that people see that. She’s getting the recognition she deserves; this makes me so happy.” To further understand the multifaceted lifestyle of the actress and entrepreneur, we can observe a typical day within her life.

Bella Thorne is similar to many of us as she strives to achieve a balance between her career and the upkeep of her friendships daily. The -year-old actress and designer begins her days by making plans for all that needs to be accomplished. She then embarks on a drive to various locations where tedium can set in. Thorne states in Us Weekly’s most recent issue, available on newsstands now, “I take many prolonged car rides because of my work commitments, so I keep myself entertained by looking up cute things on Google.

The renowned Midnight Sun actress, Bella Thorne, keeps her hectic work schedule balanced with projects that keep her engaged; from acting and designing for her Thorne Dynasty Jewelry Collection, to shooting her upcoming short film which she has written and created herself. She excitedly remarks on her progress, “I am so pumped for my short film being released soon!” Additionally, she previously produced, directors, and acted in her short ‘Her & Him’. To make traveling and juggling different projects easier, Thorne ensures to have her inner circle accompany her along the way. By taking this approach, it allows her to intersperse viewing Panda Bear photos and videos between calls.

In Summary

In conclusion, Bella Thorne’s example shows that anyone can take the time to make their day more manageable. Not only is she an incredibly busy young woman, but she also still finds ways to make her day enjoyable and meaningful. Even if it’s simply searching for something cute on the internet or calling a friend, there are ways to provide ourselves with enjoyment and connection without compromising our ambitions. With this in mind, let us all strive to embody Bella Thorne’s positive attitude and create balance between our professional successes and our relationships with friends and family.


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