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On Tuesday, an addition was made to the prestigious list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks, often described as a blend of cathedral-like grandeur, cemetery-like solemnity, and astronomical observatory-like marvel, have now gained global recognition for their exceptional preservation, unique artistic style, and immense cultural importance. Advocated by the Ohio History Connection and various indigenous tribes deeply connected to the land, these earthworks have been hailed as extraordinary examples of human ingenuity. After careful consideration during a meeting held in Saudi Arabia, the application for inclusion in UNESCO’s esteemed list was unanimously approved by the World Heritage Committee. Notably, the Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks now stand alongside world-renowned treasures such as Greece’s Acropolis.

The achievement of designating the ruins in proximity to the ancient biblical city of Jericho as a ‘World Heritage Site’ has elicited an overwhelming sense of pure ardor and elation within Chief Glenna Wallace, hailing from the esteemed Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. In a formally issued statement, she eloquently conveyed her profound sentiments, revealing that tears spontaneously welled up in her eyes as the initial excitement transformed into contemplation. She acknowledged with utmost certainty that the world will now bear witness to the unwavering dedication, spiritual significance, ingenious craftsmanship, and extensive architectural expertise employed in the construction of these remarkable earthworks. With reverential admiration, Chief Wallace emphasized that our ancestors were truly exceptional intellects, embodying boundless wisdom and creativity. These awe-inspiring structures, erected by Native Americans between , and , years ago along pivotal tributaries at the heart of the region, stand as a testament to their unparalleled ingenuity and legacy.

The ceremonies, which attracted individuals from all over the continent, were centered around the findings of archeological excavations that revealed the transportation of raw materials from as far as the Rocky Mountains. The detailed ceremonial practices were intertwined with a profound understanding of the order and patterns of the universe, which is evident in the remarkable ritual items and awe-inspiring religious symbols and attire discovered at these locations, as stated in the application. Spanning approximately miles of modern-day southern Ohio, the eight earthwork sites possess remarkable characteristics such as their massive proportions, precise geometric layouts, and meticulous astronomical calculations, exemplifying a sophisticated encoding system.

The earthworks’ addition to the heritage list, as stated by General Audrey Azoulay, will garner global recognition for this significant component of American history. In a distressing tourism crisis, Venice might lose its special status. Merely ninety days after rejoining UNESCO, the United States proudly secured its twenty-fifth site on the World Heritage List, thus showcasing the cultural and natural wealth within the nation. The inclusion of this site on the esteemed list serves to emphasize the invaluable contributions made by American archeologists, who unearthed remnants that date back two millennia.

The constructions that have gained prominence as one of the most remarkable architectural achievements worldwide have received support from various esteemed Native American organizations such as The National Congress of American Indians, the Inter-Tribal Council representing tribes residing in Northeast Oklahoma, and the Seneca Nation of New York State. However, the process of obtaining the UNESCO designation for this heritage site faced significant delays due to an extensive legal battle aimed at restoring public access to a section of the land that had been leased to Moundbuilders Country Club for golfing purposes. In December, the Ohio Supreme Court ruling granted permission to Ohio History Connection, the state’s historical society, enabling them to advance their endeavors in attaining the desired designation.

Nek, a total of eight acclaimed locations commended for their historical significance. To obtain the FOX NEWS APP, please click here. Megan Wood, CEO and Executive Director of History Connection, expressed her profound gratification as she revealed that the formal recognition of the Octagon Earthworks site was the culmination of an arduous decade-long effort exerted by her esteemed institution in collaboration with various tribes and the National Park Service. In her words, We are brimming with enthusiasm at the prospect of introducing these remarkable sites to more Ohioans, Americans, and international tourists alike. Additionally, among the newly designated sites are Fort Ancient Earthworks situated in Oregonia, Great Circle Earthworks located in Heath, along with five other sites encompassed within this prestigious distinction.

The moral

In conclusion, the road to obtaining the UNESCO designation for the Newark Earthworks has been a long and challenging one. Despite the delays caused by the legal battle and the loss of public access to a portion of the land, there is now hope on the horizon. With the recent ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court, the Ohio History Connection can finally move forward in their efforts to secure this prestigious recognition. This victory not only brings us one step closer to preserving and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Native American tribes and the remarkable ancient earthworks, but it also serves as a shining example of how dedication and perseverance can overcome obstacles in the pursuit of honoring our shared history.


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