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to captivate audiences with her exceptional vocal abilities. She has gained considerable recognition for her portrayal of the beloved character Marcie in the highly acclaimed Peanuts/Snoopy productions, captivating both fans and critics with her remarkable talent.

Holly Gorski’s success in the entertainment industry can be attributed to her versatile skills as an accredited actor and a professional singer. Her comedic flair, coupled with her genuine passion for acting and singing, have propelled her to great heights. With her extensive training and vast experience in vocal performance, Holly possesses a unique, super-charged, and powerful voice that has garnered attention and admiration from all corners.

In addition to her remarkable acting prowess, Holly Gorski is also a JUNO-nominated singer with a distinctive style that sets her apart. Having spent countless hours honing her craft in recording studios, she has mastered the art of captivating audiences through her mesmerizing vocals.

Holly’s unique vocal qualities, characterized by a slight raspiness, eloquent speech patterns, precise pronunciation, and dry delivery, earned her the coveted role of Marcie, a beloved member of the iconic Peanuts gang known for her intelligence and unassuming charm. Holly has lent her voice to portray the leading role of Marcie in five highly acclaimed Peanuts Movies and two Peanuts TV series exclusively available on Apple TV+. These projects were all overseen by Craig Schulz, the executive producer, and son of the late Charles M. Schulz, the creator of Peanuts and Snoopy. Holly continues to voice Marcie in both seasons of The Snoopy Show, the title of both Peanuts TV shows. Each season consists of thirteen episodes, resulting in a total of twenty-six episodes aired thus far.

The television series is divided into two seasons, with each season consisting of twelve episodes. Snoopy in Space was produced as a collaborative effort between Peanuts Worldwide and NASA, leading to the inclusion of space-themed Snoopy toys and books in McDonald’s Happy Meals, coinciding with the premiere of the show in . Holly skillfully embodied the character of Marcie through her distinctive voice, which possessed a subtle raspiness, bringing authenticity to the dry, kind, and humorously peculiar nature of the character. Holly particularly enjoyed acquiring knowledge of complex NASA terminology and concepts, as the production team closely collaborated with NASA to ensure accuracy.

Achieving success in the form of voicing the character Marcie in the Peanuts gang has been a dream come true for Holly. With her vast experience, Holly grasps the importance of possessing versatility, range, tone, consistency, clarity, good pacing, and exceptional enunciation to bring this iconic character to life alongside beloved figures like Charlie Brown and Snoopy. Furthermore, the privilege of sharing the screen with renowned celebrities including Drew Barrymore, Al Roker, Billie Jean King, Noah Schnapp, and others in the Emmy-winning documentary Who Are You, Charlie Brown?, marking the Peanuts’ th anniversary, narrated by the esteemed Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, represents a tremendous accomplishment for this exceptionally talented young performer.

Olly possesses a strong conviction that her passion for acting and entertaining others will continuously lead her to success. The pivotal moment in Holly’s career arrived when she secured the recurring voice role of Julia Goodway in the critically acclaimed animated series Paw Patrol (Nickelodeon), which received an Emmy ad. Furthermore, Holly has also appeared in significant live-action projects such as Holly Hobbie (Disney Channel/Hulu/Family Channel), where she portrayed the character known as the Empress of Slime, or Tappin’ Tabitha. Additionally, she has contributed to Odd Squad: Mobile Unit (Netflix/PBS Kids/Prime Videoas Agent Oceana, while also lending her voice to characters like Agent Obie and Agent Oval. Another noteworthy credit includes being the lead host for Super Mighty Makers (TVO Kids).

Holly, a prodigious creator and performer, holds various notable titles within the entertainment industry. She is a crucial member of GEN:ZED, a teenage girl trio previously known as GFORCE, who achieved the remarkable feat of reaching the quarter-finals on America’s Got Talent in . This accomplishment led to a JUNO nomination for Children’s Album of the Year in . Furthermore, Holly serves as a distinguished UNICEF Ambassador.

In addition to her remarkable achievements in music, Holly has displayed exceptional acting prowess. Her talent shines through in her involvement in acclaimed productions such as the revered Peanuts movies, along with two television series including Paw Patrol, Holly Hobbie, Odd Squad: Mobile Unit, and Super Mighty Makers. Consequently, Holly has left an indelible mark on the industry, leaving no doubt about her lasting impact.

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In conclusion, Julia Goodway has proven herself to be a versatile and talented actress, showcasing her abilities in both animated and live-action projects. From her Emmy-nominated role in Paw Patrol to her portrayal of the Empress of Slime in Holly Hobbie, Julia has captivated audiences with her performances. Her contributions to shows like Odd Squad: Mobile Unit and Super Mighty Makers have further solidified her status as a versatile entertainer. With such an impressive resume, there is no doubt that Julia Goodway’s star will continue to rise in the entertainment industry.


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