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Established in popular business corridors and accessible to both locals and passersby, establishments near major roadways or shopping centers are often strategically placed for maximum visibility. While Manayunk may not perfectly fit this description, its bustling Main Street boasts a thriving food and bar scene, attracting a steady flow of foot and vehicular traffic. Thus, when news broke that Brass Tap, a well-known Florida-based bar-and-restaurant chain, planned to open its first Philadelphia location, it seemed natural to assume it would be nestled within the neighborhood’s vibrant business district. Surprisingly, the new establishment, offering an impressive selection of craft beers on tap, will be situated several blocks uphill from Main Street.

Brass Tap establishment is scheduled to commence operations at Markle St., previously occupied by the Old Eagle Tavern, in December. However, due to pending liquor license matters, the official opening may potentially be postponed until early , as conveyed by franchise owners Danielle and Izak Du Plooy.

suburbs. Danielle and her partners saw an opportunity in bringing The Brass Tap to Manayunk, as they believed it would cater well to the local clientele. Despite lacking expertise in the restaurant industry, they viewed franchising as a promising venture. Their decision was solidified when they came across The Brass Tap, which seemed like the perfect match with its offerings of craft beer, bar food, and televised sporting events. Originating from Wesley Chapel, Florida in , The Brass Tap has expanded its reach to locations throughout the United States. Although the closest one currently exists in Vineland, Cumberland County, Danielle and her partners aim to fill the gap by establishing a presence in Manayunk. Additionally, Baltimore and some of its surrounding suburbs serve as the nearest options for experiencing The Brass Tap’s unique offerings within Philadelphia’s vicinity.

The establishment is well-known for its extensive variety of beers and it strongly encourages franchisees to curate their own beer offerings from local sources. In preparation for their upcoming Manayunk location, the Du Plooys have embarked on a series of excursions to various taprooms within the region to sample and finalize their beer menu. The bar will offer a diverse selection of food items including tacos, burgers, quesadillas, pretzels, and wings. With a seating capacity for patrons, the indoor dining area will be equipped with televisions broadcasting a range of sports events such as rugby and soccer. Moreover, in addition to their regular operations, the Du Plooys have aspirations to host trivia nights, live music performances, and sports-themed special occasions. Despite their lack of previous experience in the restaurant industry, Danielle and Izak are eager to embark on this endeavor.

diverse crowd of patrons.

Individuals who have experience working in the food industry have expressed their lack of concern in managing their own establishment. The versatile options for both food and beverages offered by The Brass Tap have made it an easily marketable franchise. Initially, the owners had not considered operating the bar themselves as they had been in possession of the building for quite some time. However, when the opportunity presented itself, they felt compelled to seize it. Their fondness for the local community prompted their desire to become an active participant within it. Considering the presence of other craft beer bars in the vicinity, they believe that their establishment will serve as a valuable addition and hopefully attract a diverse clientele.

never owned a business before, decided to take on the challenge of opening a new establishment in the area. Given their previous experiences with tenants and failed businesses, the Du Plooys recognized the potential that lay within the property. They saw this as a chance to make a mark in the community and establish a successful venture.

With careful research and planning, Danielle embarked on the journey of creating an entirely different atmosphere from its predecessors. The aim was to provide a sophisticated space that appealed to a discerning clientele. The result was the birth of The Enclave, a refined establishment that offers an exquisite selection of cocktails and fine bourbons.

Despite never residing in Manayunk, the Du Plooys have dedicated themselves to immersing in the local culture and gaining a deep understanding of their customer base. This commitment has allowed them to create a unique and nuanced experience that resonates with the discerning tastes of the community.

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In conclusion, The Brass Tap’s irresistible combination of delectable food and a wide selection of beverages has made it a highly marketable franchise. What began as mere building owners soon transformed into passionate bar operators who sought to contribute to their beloved local community. With other craft beer bars in the vicinity, they are confident that their establishment will not only serve as a valuable addition but also entice a diverse clientele. So whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast or simply looking for a great place to relax, The Brass Tap promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you coming back for more.


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