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In the usual sequence of events in a World Cup year, spectators and players are afforded some respite after partaking in multiple intense games consecutively. However, with Qatar’s shift of the tournament to the chillier months of November and December, the euphoric elation from Argentina and Lionel Messi’s triumph over France will have barely waned before England’s Premier League resumes, prompting my sincere apologies to all participants who must perforce resume their commitments on the field. Despite this, I am greatly anticipating these events.

As the first American to become a fan of Premier League men’s football (or “soccer”), there is no denying the increasingly large amount of television coverage dedicated to the sport, which has resulted in a significant rise in enthusiasm for watching and broadcasting these leagues. This interest is greatly amplified by the presence of such acclaimed players as Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham, as well as the legendary status of Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’, while FIFA’s video game remains the most successful sports video game worldwide. Beyond the World Cup, this heightened interest in the league is sure to continue to grow.

Despite Soccer having failed to secure a regular presence on domestic television, their English and European counterparts have managed to establish significant footholds here in the United States. As new streaming platforms such as Peacock and Paramount+ continue to bolster their services with exclusive league rights and numerous U.S. billionaires purchase legacy clubs outright, Americans have begun to take more tangible interest in international men’s football, perceiving it as both an engaging narrative and a profitable venture. (It is hereby noted that congratulations are due to Michael B. Jordan, who has recently become the minority owner of A.F.C. Bournemouth!Additionally, various shows centered around the sport continue to be produced for viewers’ entertainment.

Apple TV+’s critically acclaimed Emmy-winning show “Ted Lasso” revolves around an American football coach attempting to lead a team in the Premier League, while FX’s “Welcome to Wrexham” chronicles Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s purchase of a small Welsh soccer club. Documentaries exploring the sport have been in abundance on various streaming platforms, including Netflix’s “FIFA Uncovered,” Amazon Prime Video’s “All or Nothing,” Disney+’s “Save Our Squad,” Apple TV+’s “Super League: The War For Football” and plenty more.

Despite its small screen, the quality of the stories portrayed is unmistakable. Roger Bennett, co-host of NBC’s ‘Men in Blazers’ show, which delves deep into the realm of football through podcasts, interviews, and even sold-out shows across the country during the World Cup, comments on this fact: “It is truly remarkable how much coverage there is; from the Premier League and Champions League to La Liga and the NWSL and Women’s Super League, not to mention the Colombian and Uruguayan leagues!”. It is also pertinent that in , as the pandemic confined people to their homes, entertainment could be found within the walls of one’s own residence.

The Premier League and Champions League matches are now all obtainable for US viewers on Peacock and Paramount+. With such widespread access, the enthralling game of football has become more available to Americans than ever before. According to Bennett “What Paramount+, ESPN+, Peacock have all realized is that what makes people adhere to streamers is a deep, emotive attachment by niche audiences, with football being at the forefront of this streaming phenomenon.” The sheer volume of football now accessible for watching across American networks is so plentiful indeed.

The moral

To conclude, soccer is a formidable force in entertainment and sports, with coverage reaching far and wide to a vast array of countries. With the advent of streaming services, apps, podcasts, and more, the reach of soccer has become greater than ever imagined. It is a truly unique and fascinating experience to witness from both a fan and an analyst’s perspective. With such prominent significance in the modern era, soccer will continue to make strides in terms of viewership and engagement for the foreseeable future.


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