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alum, the film delves into the unsettling repercussions of a troubled past as it resurfaces in a merciless manner in the suspenseful production titled Howdy, Neighbor!. Set in the bustling city of Los Angeles, this captivating thriller revolves around the life of a former child actor who finds himself descending into a horrifying nightmare when a new resident moves into his apartment complex, becoming inexplicably obsessed with him. The esteemed cast of Howdy, Neighbor! is spearheaded by Matthew Scott Montgomery, a notable figure from his days as a Disney Channel star, and also features the talents of other renowned network alumni such as Debby Ryan, Shayne Topp, Damien C. Haas, Alyson Stoner, Kevin Chamberlin, along with Adam Faison from the Hellraiser franchise and acclaimed actors Greer Grammer, Tim Bagley, and Kimmy Shields.

Allisyn Snyder, known for her roles in alum and A.P. Bio, makes her feature debut with a captivating film that offers a disconcerting portrayal of the child acting industry and the potential hazards it poses for future lives. In relation to this, Screen Rant had the exclusive opportunity to interview director Allisyn Snyder, on the occasion of Howdy, Neighbor!’s premiere at Screamfest . The discussion touched upon various topics such as her reunion with former Disney Channel colleagues for this thrilling project, the complexities involved in shooting a screenlife narrative, and her personal experiences working on A.P. Bio. Read on as Allisyn Snyder Talks Howdy, Neighbor! and Reflects On A.P. Bio. Screen Rant: I have long been an ardent admirer of your talent and craft.

my journey of discovering A.P. Bio. Although my interest in Disney had waned by the time you joined Sonny With a Chance, I must say that I am impressed by your work on Howdy, Neighbor!. It is evident that you have made quite an impact.

Now, I am aware of your longstanding relationship with Matthew Scott from your days on So Random!, and I am curious to know when he initially approached you about this project. Furthermore, what was it about this project that compelled you to choose it as your feature debut?

Allow me to express my gratitude for your kind words. Initially, upon meeting Matthew Scott during my involvement with A.P. Bio, he quickly became one of my closest friends. While my interest in Disney had already shifted before your arrival on Sonny With a Chance, I greatly admire the achievements you have made with Howdy, Neighbor!. Your talents have undeniably left a significant impression.

Fortuitously, I had not encountered an individual who possessed the same fervor for laughter and exuberance as myself until I came across this person. Our mutual adoration for all things eerie and humorous brought us together, and in particular, I hold great affection for his annual production titled Spook Night, which I consider to be one of the most amusing events I have ever attended. Persistently, I implored him, Could you please compose something that I can direct? Consequently, he penned a brief film entitled Don’t Turn Off The Ghost Light, which we collaboratively filmed throughout the duration of the quarantine. The experience was highly enjoyable and executed flawlessly. It prompted me to express, You must undertake the endeavor of writing a full-length feature! Thus, regrettably, he acquiesced to my request.

Based on my own personal encounters and shared experiences, particularly as it pertains to my upbringing in the entertainment sector, I can attest to the presence of parasocial relationships. The focal point of this particular film centers around the depiction of an individual being subjected to stalking both physically and online. It is my belief that our unique backgrounds rendered us the ideal candidates to convey this narrative. In reference to your mention of the writer, I am intrigued to understand the extent of your involvement in shaping the storyline and script, given your aforementioned mutual understanding with him regarding the challenges associated with being a child actor and dealing with such fervent admirers.

Certainly. Matthew Scott serves as the appointed writer for the aforementioned piece, taking sole responsibility for its composition and subsequently sharing it with myself, Dylan, and our producer, Chaz. Collectively, we conscientiously peruse its contents, offering insightful feedback and engaging in extensive discussions. Regarded for his distinctive mode of expression, Scott’s words possess an unmistakable allure akin to that found in productions such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, characterized by a distinct vernacular exclusive to its fictional realm. Consequently, it was imperative for me to ensure that the text remained a faithful representation of Scott’s personal narrative, reflecting his intended message and vision. Albeit undergoing collaborative scrutiny, the essence of the piece remains unequivocally rooted in Matthew Scott’s artistic ethos.

In Summary

In conclusion, the presence of parasocial relationships cannot be ignored, and this film serves as a powerful depiction of the consequences that can arise from such obsessions. As individuals with firsthand experience in navigating the challenges of fame and dealing with intense admiration, we were uniquely positioned to bring this narrative to life. To our readers, we appreciate your curiosity about the writer’s involvement in shaping the storyline and script. Rest assured, their understanding of the complexities associated with being a child actor and coping with fervent admirers has undoubtedly played a significant role in crafting a compelling and thought-provoking story.


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