How Greggs Has Revolutionized the Pastry and Bakery Industry


Greggs, renowned for their value-for-money baked goods, will be gracing London Gatwick Airport with its presence this summer. Arriving passengers and those in the land-side of the South Terminal will have the opportunity to indulge in Greggs’ famous Sausage Rolls, as it marks the first opening at a London gateway and the seventh at an airport for the retail chain. Tony Rowson, Greggs Property Director commented, “We are actively pursuing our property strategy by expanding and diversifying our retail estate, which includes rail, underground and, now, airports.” This marks Gregg’s first foray into an airport in the south of England and adds to Britain’s second busiest airport.

The strategy of establishing an airport-format for Greggs has been a slow process, commencing in when the first shop opened in Newcastle, England. Nearly two decades later, there are only seven Greggs locations at airports: Manchester, Leeds, East Midlands, Liverpool, Birmingham, and shortly, London Gatwick. Despite these locations receiving great feedback from those seeking affordable satisfaction, this may be contrary to many airport retail strategies which are more inclined to provide offers with higher margins and robust international branding, even in regards to food and beverage.

Greggs, a cornerstone in British history for over years, sells millions of sausage rolls, steak bakes, and more recently vegan ‘sausage’ rolls at competitive prices through ,+ stores located throughout the United Kingdom. Last year, Greggs joined forces with value retailer Primark to embark on an exciting venture. The diversity of their operations enables them to run businesses even in the limited space of airports. Nevertheless, while managing airport retail facilities, passenger satisfaction must be taken into consideration – this is where Greggs may have a significant role to play.

Despite offering a variety of donuts, salads, and sandwiches in its franchise stores, the retailer is continuing to focus its efforts on introducing new locations that are frequented by those who work, shop, and travel. Rowson declared, “We are continuing to focus our efforts on new on-the-go locations where people work, shop and travel.” London Gatwick Airport, which provides both short- and long-haul point-to-point services primarily for leisure passengers, will soon be taking a risk by altering their current Costa Coffee location directly opposite the arrivals gates with one for Greggs in .

Greggs has declared providing a pleasant “welcome home” to its existing British customers who are aware of the brand and the offer. Furthermore, it is a perfect chance for Greggs to evaluate its services on an international level, as this will be their greatest airport location yet. As airports are constantly attempting to achieve a distinctive “sense of place” with varying outcomes, this could potentially create such an atmosphere for non-U.K. travelers who are unaccustomed with the brand. With full ownership of their supply chain, Greggs looks forward to welcoming its customers through this new endeavour.

In , Greggs made the shift from its bakery lines to include food-on-the-go, and is now planning to open at least , units in the upcoming years. The company saw a profit of £, million ($, millionin the year ending December , with an % growth in the fourth quarter alone. Chief Executive Officer Roisin Currie foresaw that the market conditions in will be difficult despite this, however, she stated that the firm’s value-for-money offer would remain “highly relevant” as people try to manage their spending.

The moral

In conclusion, the upcoming Greggs store in Manchester Airport is an exciting development and a great opportunity for the company to take its brand to new heights. Not only is Greggs providing a sense of familiarity to its existing British customers, but also a unique experience for international travelers. Moreover, Greggs’ complete ownership of its supply chain will ensure that customers get the same delicious and quality food they are used to. With this new venture, everyone can look forward to a welcoming atmosphere as they enter the airport.


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