How WePlayed’s AI can


Artificial Intelligence permits College soccer fans to relive memories with simplicity. It keeps track of and anticipates the end result of games along with the archives’ recaps. Additionally enables athletes become covered their appeal. WePlayed AI lets fans revisit the unforgettable moments through the period. This system additionally assists athletes in selling their pictures to corporations and brands.

WePlayed AI automatically carries out recaps

WePlayed Sports creators have developed a course to automate game recaps. Users can create shows of these favorite games by merely clicking of an icon. This program originated to appeal to fans of diverse recreations like university soccer.

It forecasts matches

If you’re an avid college football follower, then you’re fascinated by the way WePlayed’s AI predicts university soccer matchups. The organization has signed partnerships with major universites and colleges, including that of the NCAA, SEC, and Big 12 conferences. Our prediction motor uses machine learning to predict matchups.

It also permits athletes become taken care of their image

The NCAA authorized that athletes could receive settlement due to their appearance following decades of ban. The NCAA has consented to an interim guideline which allows college athletes to have taken care of their likeness. This is a temporary policy and will also be in place until federal legislation passes or until the NCAA establishes permanent rules.

College athletes come to mind concerning the NCAA’s choice to supply cash to student athletes in return for the look of them. The NCAA has a long record of getting an unbalanced relationship with pupil athletes, creating billions in revenues and providing very little or no repayment. The NCAA has changed its policy following an outcry from people and it has now allowed student athletes to have compensation in return for their name, look and image.


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