How the Nobel Peace Prize could help raise awareness of climate change


It’s the call everyone hopes to receive at some point in their life. The Swedish Academy of Sciences ringing you up to say you won the Nobel Prize. But for American physicist John Clauser, who was awarded the Nobel for his work on quantum mechanics, it rang a little differently.

The climax of the Nobel season, the Peace Prize laureate will be announced at 9am GMT (5pm, Singapore time) in Oslo, against the backdrop of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine which has plunged Europe into one of its worst crises since World War II. The Peace Prize is the only Nobel awarded in Oslo, with the other disciplines announced in Stockholm.

Quick Summary

So…. who will get the Nobel Peace Prize this year? Only time will tell! But we can speculate that it could go to critics of Vladimir Putin, climate activists or even no prize at all amid the war in Ukraine.


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