How to Create a Spooky but Safe Ambiance in Your Home this Halloween


All Hallow’s Eve is imminent, and along with it comes an assortment of activities to pass the dark hours of this eerie day. While followers of pagan beliefs may opt for a traditional observance of Samhain, and those who fear ghosts will be securing their homes, we have compiled a catalogue of plans and customs that resonate with and instill fear in each zodiac sign. From indulging in crime documentaries to enjoying preserved cheese wheels, holding séances to organizing sleepovers, carving jack-o’-lanterns to participating in photo shoots, we offer a wealth of both tricks and treats. Be sure to peruse our comprehensive list of suggestions.

discerning Aries individual, a visit to a haunted house serves as the ultimate indulgence, perfectly encapsulating their insatiable thirst for excitement and their fearless nature. Engaging in such an experience allows them to embrace their inherent cardinal energy, as they willingly immerse themselves in an environment filled with both genuine terror and exaggerated spectacle. Therefore, it can be said that venturing into a haunted house aligns harmoniously with the essence of an Aries, prompting an exhilarating and memorable Halloween encounter.

In Times Square, there exists an establishment known as Terrorvision, which operates on the concept of a haunted house and even goes as far as encouraging its visitors to bring an extra set of undergarments due to the frightful nature of the experience. This serves as a trick or treat opportunity for individuals born under the zodiac sign Aries, who do not possess any spare underwear. TAURUS (April – May For individuals born under the Taurus zodiac sign, it is widely understood that enjoyment cannot be attained until one has satisfied their hunger. As such, engaging in some preliminary meal preparation for your companions prior to the party is recommended. Preparing a mummified brie wheel, chilled peeled eyeballs, witch finger cookies, a skeleton-themed charcuterie board, and/or ghost-shaped s’mores dip will surely delight your Taurian friends.

It can be considered somewhat conceited to consciously flaunt your vitality and enjoyment of an exquisite artisanal cheese sandwich before deceased individuals. Nevertheless, there exist certain cemeteries that possess such astonishing beauty that they practically implore the presence of a quaint checkered tablecloth and a carefully poured bottle of an indulgent yet unaffordable libation, which one absolutely should savor. GEMINI (May – June In astrology, Gemini is influenced by Mercury, the planet associated with intellectual faculties and verbal expression. The name Mercury derives from the divine messenger who extensively traversed various realms, including the depths of the underworld, employing his nimble agility. Geminis have the capacity to appreciate and celebrate this sacred bestowal of communication.

and their inherent right to connect with the spiritual realm through the use of an Ouija board. However, it is important to exercise caution and respect when engaging with spirits, ancestors, and portals. To ensure a positive experience, we invite you to read our comprehensive guide on the proper do’s and dont’s of Ouija usage.

CANCER (June – July ):
In accordance with the influence of Cancer ruling over the fourth house, which encompasses aspects such as home, ancestry, familial ties, and the emotional baggage of the past, it is suggested that you consider hosting a gathering known as an everybody dead dinner party. This unique event allows those born under the sign of Cancer to embrace their true selves without having to venture far from their comfort zones. Each attendee shall come adorned in attire representing departed souls, thereby creating an atmosphere that embraces heritage and the interconnectedness of the spiritual world.

A historic figure, who has left an indelible mark in history, possesses a captivating narrative to share amidst the convivial atmosphere of a punch bowl gathering. LEO (July – August – A Halloween photoshoot Engagingly ruling over the realm of amusement and self-display, Leo is devoted to orchestrating enjoyable experiences and immortalizing the profound art of aesthetic appeal. Lions can radiate their brilliance by meticulously organizing a Halloween-themed photoshoot, wherein they partake in costume play alongside their companions while offering innovative guidance. Deliberately contemplate incorporating multiple exposure techniques, a mist generator, or selecting an eerie location. By channeling the essence reminiscent of the illustrious departed lion, Andy Warhol, during his Factory era or envisioning the contemporary Leo icon, Kylie Jenner.

What we can learn

In conclusion, the everybody dead dinner party presents a perfect opportunity for Cancers to explore their deep emotional connections and honor their roots in a comfortable and meaningful way. By gathering with loved ones dressed as departed souls, we not only create a unique atmosphere that celebrates our heritage but also acknowledge the profound interconnectedness of the spiritual world. So why not step into your true self and embrace this extraordinary event, where you can delve into the depths of your emotions and create lasting memories with those who understand and support you? Let us celebrate our past, present, and future, while honoring the bonds that tie us all together.


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