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The Edinburgh Fringe has returned, gracing the Scottish capital throughout the month of August as the grandest arts festival worldwide. With an impressive registration of , shows scheduled to captivate audiences across the city, it may prove challenging to determine one’s desired encounters. However, worry not! I have delved deep into the essence of the Fringe to unearth a collection of precious gems for your visual enjoyment. The beauty of this event lies in the prospect of uncovering something extraordinary to fervently recommend to your companions. Through extensive exploration of renowned comedians, captivating circus performances, mesmerizing solo theatrical productions, and even the liberating world of free events, I have sought out the true essence of the Fringe.

Chloe Petts, a notable comedian who has been generating significant excitement this year, will be sharing her top recommendations for those seeking a unique and distinctive experience. Having recently concluded a successful tour alongside Ed Gamble, Petts’ comedic prowess is rapidly gaining recognition. In her latest solo show, following the widely acclaimed ‘Transience’, she skillfully tackles the complexities of anger with a delightful blend of hilarity and relevance. Demonstrating an impressive ability to connect with her audience, which is distinctly divided between gentle queers and football lads, Petts effortlessly caters to both groups.

Chloe Petts, a ft tall lesbian woman with a passion for Crystal Palace football matches, showcases a unique blend of storytelling about hooliganism in the sport and critical insights into our gendered society. Her latest performance, titled Chloe Petts: If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, can be enjoyed at the esteemed Pleasance Courtyard – Pleasance Above venue.

Meanwhile, Rob Auton has solidified his presence at the Fringe festival over the years. Ten years ago, he introduced his very first solo show, The Yellow Show, which was met with great success. Since then, Auton has continued to captivate audiences with an assortment of equally distinct productions, such as Hair, Sky, Sleep, and Faces.

be captivated by Auton’s introspective exploration of his own identity and experiences, as he intertwines profound reflections with witty and relatable anecdotes. Through his distinctive poetic style, Auton invites the audience to join him on a thought-provoking journey that delves into the depths of human existence. Prepare to be both moved and entertained as The Rob Auton Show unveils a unique blend of intellect, humor, and heartfelt revelations, leaving a lasting impression on all who witness this truly exceptional performance.

In a state of profound emotional distress, the protagonist reaches the pinnacle of his artistic expression during his final poetic soliloquy. The recipient of the prestigious Dave’s Funniest Joke of the Fringe ad for achieves an unprecedented level of comedic excellence. Do not miss this opportunity to witness its brilliance before it is completely sold out. Rob Auton: The Rob Auton Show will be performed at the Assembly Roxy – Upstairs venue. Maria DeCotis, an American comedian known for her unreasonably emotive style, brings her sharp-witted perspective from New York City to deliver an entertaining hour of comedy focused on dismantling patriarchal norms. Furthermore, she offers her services as a wedding officiant, which has afforded her firsthand insight into the multitude of challenges women face when they decide to permanently surrender their independence and assets to a certain gentleman by the name of…

This is a classically trained actress whose skills are clearly evident. Her comedic timing and delivery are exceptional, with a repertoire that covers diverse subjects such as abstinence and ultimate frisbee. What sets her apart is the range of emotions she effortlessly portrays through her expressive face, ensuring that every joke hits its mark. It is worth noting that DeCotis often dismisses musical comedy as somewhat trite, only to surprise the audience with hilarious songs that adhere strictly to the golden rule of never repeating the same punchline. In addition to this performance, DeCotis is also participating in a darker theatrical production titled Before the Drugs Kick In, centered around a -year-old awakening as a -year-old comedian. Emotionally Unreasonable can be enjoyed at the Laughing Horse @ Home Bar – Basement venue.


Overall, the Assembly Roxy – Upstairs venue is set to offer an unforgettable night of laughter and thought-provoking comedy. With the likes of Rob Auton and Maria DeCotis gracing the stage, audiences are in for a treat. From Auton’s eccentric storytelling to DeCotis dismantling patriarchal norms with sharp-witted humor, these comedians promise an entertaining hour that will leave you wanting more. And if that wasn’t enough, DeCotis even offers her services as a wedding officiant, highlighting her unique perspective on the challenges women face when navigating relationships. So make sure to grab your tickets before they sell out and brace yourself for an evening of laughter and insight at the Assembly Roxy – Upstairs venue.


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