How to Make the Most of Your College Admissions Interview


presence, and differentiate themselves in the increasingly competitive landscape of college admissions.

The landscape of college admissions has undergone significant transformations in recent years, leading to heightened levels of anxiety among both parents and teenagers. With acceptance rates experiencing a sharp decline and the emergence of test-optional schools, the competition has become more intense than ever before. Consequently, teenagers are now in greater need of an advantageous position. A fresh perspective is being presented by Stacey Ross Cohen, a renowned marketer and best-selling author of Brand Up: The Ultimate Playbook for College & Career Success in the Digital World. Cohen sheds light on effective strategies for teenagers to distinguish themselves and establish a path towards success, not only during their college years but also throughout their future careers. Presented below are five valuable suggestions from Cohen, designed to assist students who are bound for college in crafting a favorable personal brand, cultivating an influential digital presence, and ultimately setting themselves apart within the increasingly cutthroat arena of college admissions.

Interviewing is a crucial aspect of college applications. Ross Cohen asserts that your teenager’s online presence deserves equal, if not greater, focus compared to their college essay. It is common for college admission officers to scrutinize applicants’ virtual profiles to gauge consistency with the image portrayed in their application. In order to maximize their chances, your teenager should commence by purging inactive or incongruent profiles and eradicating any offensive material including inappropriate language or explicit content involving alcohol, drugs, or nudity.

Applicants who possess a diverse range of interests are preferred by admissions officers, therefore it is prudent to emphasize a multitude of pursuits such as academia, creativity, professional growth, hobbies, and volunteer work. It is recommended to accentuate positive character qualities like leadership, resilience, teamwork, and volunteering experiences. To maintain consistency, a professional headshot capturing the upper body (minimum DPIshould be utilized on all social media platforms, showcasing appropriate attire against a neutral backdrop. Additionally, if your adolescent feels inclined, they may incorporate their most cherished quote as an expression of creativity. Investing in these aspects will yield advantageous outcomes for their future endeavors.

enhance their prospects in the competitive world of higher education. In order to amplify their strengths effectively, it is prudent for individuals to select the most fitting social media platforms. For instance, those with artistic inclinations can find Pinterest and Instagram to be ideal choices, while aspiring broadcasters may prefer YouTube or TikTok. When it comes to teenagers showcasing their accomplishments and differentiating themselves during the college admission process, LinkedIn stands out as the top recommendation. Ross Cohen asserts that at the age of , having a presence on LinkedIn is essential. He underscores the significance of starting early on this platform, as it enables young individuals to shape their professional narrative, cultivate essential networking skills, forge connections with alumni, and ultimately fortify their prospects in the realm of higher education.

It serves as the pivotal link that unites the ambitions of young individuals with the prospects that lie ahead. She further advises adolescents to craft a personalized LinkedIn URL, enabling others to effortlessly discover and establish connections with them. Exploit social media platforms to exhibit interests, personality traits, and aptitudes rather than concealing oneself in the online realm. Engage with revered academic institutions (including department chairs, alumni, and admissions officersand consistently demonstrate character, accomplishments, and capabilities. Make sure to present one’s best virtual representation. One must operate under the presumption that college admissions officers and employers seeking exceptional talent will thoroughly scan through social media profiles.

must actively engage with their dream college on social media platforms, consistently liking and interacting with the college’s content to establish a genuine connection. This will demonstrate their sincere interest and commitment to the institution. Additionally, it is crucial for them to showcase their strong character traits, including integrity, leadership, resilience, adaptability, and initiative, through various channels such as social media, essays, recommendation letters, and extracurricular activities. By emphasizing these qualities, they can leave a lasting impression on college admissions officers who typically spend around minutes reviewing each application. Therefore, encouraging your teen to master the art of making a memorable first impression is essential in maximizing their chances of admission success.


In today’s digital age, it has become crucial to leverage social media platforms as a means to showcase our interests, personality traits, and abilities rather than hiding behind the online realm. By engaging with esteemed academic institutions and consistently presenting our character, accomplishments, and capabilities, we can make a lasting impression on college admissions officers and potential employers. It is imperative to remember that our social media profiles are being thoroughly scanned by those seeking exceptional talent. Therefore, let us strive to present our best virtual representation, effortlessly establishing connections and opening doors to exciting opportunities.


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