How to Stay Safe in Public Spaces: What to Do When a Shooting Occurs


The recent news of a shooting at the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso is devastating. Thankfully, the El Paso Police Department was quick to respond to the incident and have apprehended a suspect in custody.

At a news conference, El Paso Police Department spokesperson Robert Gomez provided updates on the situation, noting that shots had been fired in the mall and that it did cause panic. He also thanked the police, SWAT team and other agencies for responding swiftly and for their efforts to clear and secure the mall.

It is essential that we recognize the hard work that goes on behind the scenes during these types of serious incidents.

1. What did El Paso Police Department spokesman Robert Gomez say about the Cielo Vista Mall shooting?

The El Paso Police Department spokesman, Robert Gomez, has provided some insight into the tragic shooting that occurred at the Cielo Vista Mall. Gomez stated that one individual was killed and three individuals were injured in the shooting, with one suspect arrested. He also noted that the shooting was not related to any domestic terrorism, but that the motive for the shooting remains unknown. Gomez further noted that the shooting was not an active shooter situation, and that the suspect was arrested soon after the shooting. Gomez concluded his remarks by expressing his thoughts and prayers for those affected by the tragedy. Overall, the El Paso Police Department is diligently working to ensure the safety of its citizens and to find justice for those affected by the shooting.

2. How did El Paso police and other agencies respond to the incident?

In the wake of the tragic shooting at a El Paso mall that left one dead and three injured, the El Paso police and other agencies responded with swift and decisive action. Immediately upon learning of the incident, police and first responders arrived at the scene to assess the situation and to secure the safety of those in the area. Additional forces, such as the Texas Department of Public Safety, were quickly called in to assist in the investigation, to apprehend the suspect, and to provide any necessary aid to the victims of the shooting. Additionally, local authorities worked to ensure the safety of the community by providing support to any witnesses of the incident, as well as providing counseling and other services to those who may have been affected by the tragedy.

3. What did Gomez mean when he said “It does cause panic”?

In the recent news from El Paso, Texas, it has been reported that there was a shooting at a local mall which resulted in one fatality and three injuries. Additionally, the suspect was arrested and taken into custody. When Gomez was asked what he meant when he said “It does cause panic,” he was most likely referring to the potential psychological implications that such a violent event can have on the general public. In other words, Gomez was implying that a shooting, or any other violent act, can create a sense of fear and panic to those living in close proximity to the incident.

4. What measures did the police take to secure the mall?

The El Paso Police Department responded swiftly and decisively in their handling of the tragic shooting at the El Paso mall. After receiving news of the shooting, they quickly dispatched officers to the scene to secure the area and apprehend the suspected shooter. They also took measures to keep the mall safe for the public, including closing the mall, setting up a perimeter around the area, and issuing a shelter in place order. The police also used video surveillance from the mall to aid in the investigation and to verify the identity of the shooter. They also coordinated with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to determine the best course of action. In the end, the suspect was arrested, and one person was killed, with three others injured in the shooting.

Quick Summary

The tragic shooting which occurred at the El Paso mall on Wednesday has shocked the entire city. Police are still in the process of trying to establish the suspects’ motives, but it’s clear that this act of violence has had a tremendous impact on the community. It is our duty to ensure we do whatever we can to prevent these types of incidents from happening in the future. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this horrible event.


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