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Printable gift tags add a personalized touch to beautifully-wrapped birthday presents. Instead of a generic, forgettable wrapping job with a standard sticker denoting the to: and from: details, a colorful custom gift tag can add some needed pizzazz and personality to the gift bag or package.

Whether you’re wrapping gifts for personal use or for your small business, including printable happy birthday tags is a great way to ensure your gift is a memorable one.

Gift tags are the perfect finishing touch to a birthday gift. A gift tag is a small card or label attached to a gift package or gift bag, often containing details about the giver and recipient of the present. Many colorful birthday gift tags are printed in bright colors and beautiful designs to enhance the wrapped gift’s design and appearance. Modern birthday gift tags are often customized with a computer and printed from a digital template.

Sending birthday gifts is a great way for a small business to acknowledge an employee’s, client’s, or customer’s birthday. Gift giving shows that you care about your employees, clients, and customers, and is a great way to build relationships.

A nicely wrapped and tagged gift can work wonders in expressing gratitude and well wishes, much as a similar gift might affect a family member. Even a small token of appreciation can make employees feel important on their birthdays, while also making clients feel valued and customers feel appreciated.

Whether you are attending a birthday party or sending birthday gifts on behalf of your small business, these happy birthday gift tags are perfect for kids or adults. The digital download includes four files in pdf format, featuring small and large-sized gift tags.

. Happy Birthday Cake Printable Gift Tags

These printable happy birthday gift tags add a cute and fun finishing touch to a birthday present for any recipient. Just print the tags and attach them to a birthday present with ribbon or tape.

Browse our collection of birthday gift tags, including this Unicorn Birthday Gift Tag printable.Attach it to a gift for a colleague who loves unicorns, or take it to a unicorn-themed birthday party.For a personalized touch, try our Editable Happy Birthday Gift Tags printable. Customize the message before printing for a one-of-a-kind birthday present.

Able as a digital download, this vivid birthday gift tag features a rainbow-colored happy birthday message surrounded by hearts. The editable gift tag can be customized with a personal name or birthday greeting.
Colorful Custom Birthday Gift Tags: This colorful birthday gift tag is the perfect way to convey hope and good tidings with a birthday gift. Not only does the printable birthday gift tag feature a bold happy birthday greeting, but the digital download is editable, so a customized message can be added.

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No matter what your birth month is, we have a birthday gift tag for you! Celebrate a special birthday with one of our printable birthday gift tags. Each tag features a fun and festive design, perfect for attaching to a birthday present. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a colleague or friend, we have a birthday gift tag to match any personality. For a truly unique birthday gift, try our Editable Happy Birthday Gift Tags printable. Customize the message before printing for a one-of-a-kind birthday present.


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