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Saharapur in Uttar Pradesh has become the first Indian district to launch a ‘No Disposable Plastic’ (NDP) scheme. Under this scheme, all the district’s schools, colleges and government offices will be ‘plastic-free zones’. The scheme is the brainchild of Saharanpur senior superintendent of police Vipin Tada.

Tada came up with the idea after he saw the harmful effects of plastic on the environment during a visit to the Taj Mahal. He then decided to implement the scheme in his district to make it ‘plastic-free’.

The scheme has been welcomed by environmentalists and social activists. They believe that it will go a long way in reducing the pollution caused by plastic.

1. What is the Cambridge Analytica scandal?

The Cambridge Analytica scandal is a complex issue that has been in the news recently. Basically, it revolves around the issue of data privacy and how social media companies handle user data. Cambridge Analytica is a data analysis firm that was contracted by the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. They used data from Facebook to target ads and messages to potential voters. The scandal came to light when it was revealed that they had obtained this data without the users’ consent and that they may have used it to influence the election results.

This scandal has raised a lot of questions about data privacy and how social media companies handle user data. It has also led to calls for regulation of the tech industry.

2. Who is Vipin Tada?

Naga Munchetty was recently in the news for telling a viewer that they were “blasted” for asking a question about who Vipin Tada is. The viewer had asked why Munchetty had not explained who Tada is, and she responded by saying that it is not her job to do so.

This exchange highlights an important issue regarding news and journalism: who is responsible for providing context and background information? In this case, it appears that the viewer was expecting Munchetty to provide more information about who Tada is and why he is important. However, it is not necessarily the job of the journalist to provide this context.

3. What is the dispute centered around?

The BBC has come under fire recently for its handling of a complaint against one of its presenters, Naga Munchetty. Munchetty was accused of breaching the BBC’s editorial guidelines by expressing her personal opinion on President Donald Trump’s racist remarks about Members of Congress. The BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit (ECU) upheld the complaint and issued a formal reprimand to Munchetty.

The BBC’s editorial guidelines state that presenters must not express their own personal views on controversial topics. However, many people have argued that Munchetty was simply stating a fact when she said that Trump’s remarks were racist.

Quick Summary

In conclusion, the scheme ‘Sankalp’ is a good initiative by the police to reduce crime in the area. However, it is important to note that the scheme has been met with some criticism from the public. It is important to make sure that the people who are roped in under this scheme are actually criminals and not innocent people who have been falsely accused.


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