OPP Commissioner to clarify discrepancies in the Emergencies Act


It is concerning to hear that the Ontario Provincial Police’s intelligence unit had identified the Ottawa protest as a “threat to national security.” It is vital that we protect our capital city and its citizens, and it is good to see that the OPP is taking this seriously. I hope that the commissioner’s testimony today will shed some light on the situation and help to resolve it.

1. Why was the Ottawa protest considered a “threat to national security”?

The recent news regarding the Ottawa protest and the expected address from the OPP commissioner has brought up a lot of questions about the use of the Emergencies Act. Specifically, many are wondering why the Ottawa protest was considered a “threat to national security.”

There are a few factors that likely contributed to this decision. First, the size and scope of the protest was likely seen as a potential threat to public safety. Additionally, the protest was taking place at a sensitive government facility, which likely heightened concerns about its potential impact. Finally, the fact that the protest was organized relatively quickly may have also contributed to the decision to deem it a national security threat.

2. What was the role of the Ontario Provincial Police in the protest?

The role of the Ontario Provincial Police in the protest was to maintain order and prevent any violence from occurring. The OPP is responsible for ensuring the safety of all Ontarians, and they did so by ensuring that the protest remained peaceful. The commissioner is expected to address the contradictions that have arisen regarding the Emergencies Act, which will help to clarify the OPP’s role in future protests.

Quick Summary

The new investigation threatens to cloud Menendez’s expected reelection campaign in 2024. The commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police is to testify today at the public inquiry into the Liberal government’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act to clear out “Freedom Convoy” protests in Ottawa. This could potentially have a negative effect on Menendez’s campaign if more information about the situation is revealed.


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