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a dynamic medium that continues to thrive and shape the world of entertainment. I am honored to be joined by Fleur East, a talented voiceover artist from Hits Radio, as we celebrate the best in audio and radio through the highly anticipated ARIAS event. This year’s competition will showcase categories, including the addition of four new awards recognizing outstanding community stations, compelling audiobooks, exceptional readings, and the top new radio shows and podcasts. We will also pay tribute to Her Majesty The Queen with a special Special Ad recognizing the significant contributions of audio coverage. Stay tuned for the list of nominees and join us in this festive celebration of the most innovative and inspiring voices in radio.

Radio and podcasts, which have become an integral part of my life, have a significant impact on the lives of people across the country, as is evidenced by my own show. Whether it’s keeping listeners company on their daily commutes or accompanying them during household chores, radio and podcasts offer an opportunity to be a part of someone’s day, and it’s this aspect that I appreciate the most. On this note, I extend my warmest congratulations to all nominees and eagerly anticipate announcing the winners on May nd. The complete list of nominees for each category can be found below, presented in alphabetical order. Best New Presenter, sponsored by Insanity Group: Alex Kapranos – Absolute.

The following radio programs have been recognized for outstanding contributions to the industry. In the category of BBC Introducing Rock, Holcombe takes the lead, while This Is History by Dan Jones and KISS FM UK by Harriet Rose are also noteworthy mentions. Where There’s a Will There’s A Wake hosted by Kathy Burke, BBC Sounds and Radio ‘s Marianna Spring, BBC Newsbeat’s Pria Rai, Hits Radio’s Sam Thompson, and Zak and Jules’ Life After Prison have all been commended for their exceptional programming, with the latter winning Best New Radio Show, supported by Carver PR. Fix Radio’s The Bald Builders Breakfast, BBC Radio Leeds’ Breakfast with Rima, and The Heating and Plumbing Show by Fix Radio have made notable contributions in the broadcasting world. Banana Stand, Patrick Kielty’s show on BBC Radio Live, has also been recognized, along with Room and Shaun Keaveny’s Community Garden Radio.

In the United Kingdom, there are various media outlets that offer insightful news programs to the general public. Bauer Media Audio News, Sky News’ Open Secret, and Tortoise Media’s Sensemaker and Slow Newscast are among them. BFBS The Forces Station’s Sitrep: Inside Ukraine’s Capital and BBC Radio ‘s The Smugglers’ Trail and Stories of Our Times: The British Man Rescuing Ukranians from Putin’s War by Wireless Studios for The Times are other noteworthy news programs. Moreover, BBC Radio Best Speech Breakfast Show, Live Breakfast, BBC Radio Oxford’s David Prever’s Breakfast Club, and BBC Radio Ulster’s Good Morning Ulster provide extensive coverage of current events. Lastly, talkSPORT Breakfast and Times Radio Breakfast with Aasmah Mir and Stig are other exemplary breakfast shows that keep their audience up-to-date with the latest happenings.

The Best Speech Presenter ad nominees are an exceptional group of individuals who have made remarkable contributions to the world of speech and presentation. These talented professionals include Adrian Durham from talkSPORT, Dan Jones from This is History podcast, Dan Snow from History Hit podcast, Elis James & John Robins from BBC Radio Live, Helena Merriman from BBC Radio , John Pienaar from Times Radio, Manveen Rana from Stories of our Times podcast, Matt Chorley from Times Radio, and Nicky Campbell from BBC Radio Live. Equally commendable are the nominees for the Best Sports Show ad, including The Big Saturday Football Show on Forth & Hits Radio Scotland, Fast and Loose by Novel for Wondery, Gameday Exclusive by talkSPORT, The High Performance Podcast, The Lionesses in Stoke on BBC Radio Stoke, and Moment of Truth by Folding Pocket Productions. These outstanding achievements deserve recognition and we eagerly anticipate announcing the winners.

The aforementioned media outlets offer a diverse array of programming for avid listeners. The United Podcast and the Rugby Breakfast Show, by BBC Radio Scotland, provide an exceptional auditory experience for their respective audiences. talkSPORT’s coverage of the White & Jordan event is renowned for its quality. BBC Radio Live and talkSPORT both cover the highly anticipated UEFA Champions League Final. The Birmingham Commonwealth Games can be enjoyed on BBC Radio WM. Dan Snow hosts an endlessly fascinating podcast called The Discovery of Endurance, while BBC Radio Live and talkSPORT are both broadcasting the FIFA World Cup Qatar . Absolute Radio’s Mental Health Awareness Week programming and BBC Radio Tees’ Savannah Marshall fight coverage are also must-listens. Lastly, The UK Black Pride Time Capsule Podcast and Cool Skool bring refreshing perspectives to the table with each episode.

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In conclusion, we are thrilled to see such outstanding work being produced in the world of radio and podcasting. The nominations for Best News and Best Sports Show demonstrate the incredible talent and dedication of those working in the industry. We congratulate all the nominees and look forward to announcing the winners. It’s reassuring to know that even during challenging times, the world of broadcast journalism continues to thrive thanks to these exceptional individuals and teams.


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