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In this month, which is the perfect moment to observe some inspiring Black entrepreneurs in and around New York City, we feature local people doing great things and share their insight for other aspiring small business owners. Khadejha (‘Dejha B’Brunner has built Dejha B Coloring, an excellent brand of coloring books intended to reduce anxiety and aid individuals to realize their hidden creativity. Commenting on the origins of her business, Brunner said, “The lingering effects of the COVID- pandemic and mental health issues experienced by the Black community have given me the inspiration to create a company that can lead to transformative change.” Coming from her residence in location.

As the pandemic spread across The Bronx, Renee Bishop, founder and creative director of Deity, found it difficult to pursue her career as a recording artist due to all recording studios being closed. At the suggestion of a friend, she turned to coloring books for relaxation and soon discovered that there were few adult coloring books featuring women of color or those with inspirational content. Determined to fill this void, Bishop launched her first book, “Color Your Dreams Into Reality.” As advice for other entrepreneurs struggling during these days, Bishop recommends doing one’s research in order to receive the best possible advice or prices for their business.

York, a ready-to-wear luxury womenswear brand launched in that offers “timeless garments derived from European tradition and influences of city life,” has achieved great success in a short period of time, boasting six collections and three New York Fashion Week appearances. The label emerged from the founder’s frustration with the lack of luxury garments suitable for her curvy body type, which led her to creating pieces for herself. Following positive feedback from friends and family, Deity New York was created. The founder’s advice is to remain steadfast in one’s vision and not be swayed by other’s opinions.

Marcos Martinez Martinez, force behind the Manhattan-based Black and Gay lifestyle blog Men Who Brunch, determines the best action when it comes to certain matters of one’s business. As one of few Black and Gay bloggers in the vicinity, he informs a wide variety of topics ranging from excellent brunch spots amenable to the LGBTQ+ community in New York City to web series worth viewing. He also plans gatherings for the Black LGBT population. Regarding his initiative, Martinez voiced that “You will never be able to progress with anything in your business if you try to comply with everyone’s opinions.” His goal overall is to build a safe space and community for all interested.

Martinez imparted advice that one ought to be passionate about their business and not solely concerned with incomes. He asserted that such passion would serve as a motivation to endure difficult times in the pursuit of entrepreneurship. After having published fifteen books through major publishers, Smalls, based out of Harlem, purportedly experienced disappointment in her inability to publish works beneficial to Black children and the community. Subsequently, she chose to launch her own publishing company, Literacise, LLC, which is a minority-owned and women-owned venture. Smalls further emphasized that her concentration primarily lies in providing children’s literature with engaging plots and visually attractive imagery, while also striving for social progress.

At the age of , Mrs. Evans not only embodies Black History but also has a unique insight into the remarkable transformations witnessed over the years. Her sage advice was to make sure that any venture fills a market need instead of focusing on one’s ego and to ensure a unique point of difference with the product or service being offered. Drawing on his automotive enthusiasm, Mr. Shaun Evans established Envy Wrapz in Westwood, New Jersey whose primary function is to wrap vehicles in Paint Protection Film (PPFto combat against chipping and other forms of damage.

The moral

In conclusion, Nia-Amina Smalls has been a major proponent of entrepreneurial culture and the Black creative community. Through her venture Literacise, LLC, she seeks to promote positive change in the literary world by creating children’s books that are both visually engaging and socially progressive. Along with her fifteen published books, she provides an inspiring example of resilience and determination in order to achieve success regardless of difficult times.


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