The Best Places to Watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup Live


The commencement of the FIFA Women’s World Cup marks a significant event, anticipated to be an extraordinary tournament. The worldwide population is engrossed in the pinnacle of soccer, eagerly witnessing nations engage in fierce competition for the esteemed opportunity to triumphantly hoist the coveted cup. A notable aspect of this women’s tournament is its inaugural implementation of a -team field, emulating the format employed in the men’s edition. On par with this arrangement, each country has been allocated into eight groups, consisting of four teams. In Group E, the United States women’s national team has been placed and their quest to uphold their World Cup title will commence on Friday with a match against Vietnam. Access to live coverage is available for your viewing pleasure.

The Fox Sports App and fuboTV provide live coverage of all matches in the competition. Interested viewers can take advantage of a free trial to access these platforms.

New Zealand will be hosting the match between FoxNorway and Philippines at a.m., while FS will air the game. In Group B, Australia has played one match, winning with a score of -. Canada and Nigeria have also played one match each, resulting in a draw with a score of -. Ireland has played one match as well, losing with a score of -. On Thursday, July , Australia emerged victorious against Ireland with a score of -, whereas Nigeria and Canada ended their match in a draw with a score of -. The upcoming matches include Canada versus Ireland on Wednesday, July at a.m. on FS, and Australia versus Nigeria on Thursday, July at a.m. on FS. Moreover, on Monday, July , Canada will face Australia at a.m.

On Saturday, July , the Zambia vs. Japan match will commence at a.m. on FS. Following that, on Wednesday, July , the Spain vs. Zambia match will take place at : a.m. on FS. At a.m. on FS, on Monday, July , the Japan vs. Costa Rica match is scheduled to occur. Subsequently, on Fox at a.m., the Japan vs. Spain match will be held. Lastly, on FS at a.m., the Costa Rica vs. Zambia match will conclude the Group D games.

Moving on to Group D, on Saturday, July , the England vs. Haiti match will kick off at : a.m. on Fox, while the Denmark vs. China match is set for a.m. on Fox. Then, on Friday, July , the England vs.

Portugal, : a.m. on FS – Fox will be broadcasting the match between the national teams of Netherlands and Portugal on Sunday, July at : a.m. The game is scheduled to take place on FS.

Wednesday, July – On Wednesday, July at p.m., Fox will air the match between the national teams of USA and Netherlands.

Thursday, July – The match between Portugal and Vietnam will be broadcasted on FS at : a.m. on Thursday, July .

Tuesday, Aug. – On Tuesday, August at a.m., Fox will showcase the clash between Portugal and USA.

Additionally, Vietnam will face off against Netherlands on the same day and time, which will also be aired on FS.

In Group F, France will compete against Jamaica on Sunday, July at a.m.

The African continent will witness a series of captivating football matches scheduled to take place on FS during the month of July. On Monday, July th at a.m., Italy and Argentina will face off in what promises to be an intense showdown. This will be followed by another thrilling encounter on Thursday, July th at a.m. when Argentina takes on South Africa. The excitement continues on Saturday, July th at p.m. as Argentina competes against Sweden. Moving into August, FS will broadcast the clash between Sweden and Italy at : a.m. on Wednesday, August nd. Additionally, viewers can tune in to Fox at a.m. on the same day to witness the match between Argentina and Sweden. Notably, Group H will see South Africa battling it out against Italy at a.m. on Monday, July th.

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In conclusion, there are several exciting soccer matches coming up in July and August. Fans can tune in to Fox Sports to catch the highly anticipated games between USA and Netherlands, Portugal and Vietnam, as well as Portugal and USA. Additionally, Vietnam will be challenging Netherlands in a thrilling encounter. It’s also worth noting that Group F will see France going head-to-head with Jamaica. With such a jam-packed schedule, soccer enthusiasts have plenty to look forward to in the upcoming weeks. So mark your calendars and make sure to tune in to these exhilarating matches.


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