The Making of a Superstar: How the Top 5 Players in the NBA Got to Where They Are Today


If you’re a Basketball lover, then you’ve certainly heard of the top five basketball players from the NBA. These are the players that have the top position in the league for scoring, assists, and rebounds and also in other areas. The list contains Dejan Kovacic, Giannis Antetokounmpo as well as Doncic and Curry.


Nikola Jokic is a well-known name among NBA supporters. The Serbian player has been a big part of the Denver Nuggets’ success in the past two seasons. This is the second time in succession that he was awarded the MVP honor.

His performance is among the best in the NBA. Additionally, he’s a top-five fantasy player in nine-cat leagues. He’s been producing at the highest level and wasn’t expected before the season got underway.

Jokic is anticipated to be the Nuggets’ leading in scoring this season. Jokic has to be more efficient for the team to become a true star both in the defensive and offensive side.

Jokic is an experienced rebounder as well as scorer. Jokic is averaging 27.6 per game and 10.6 on the rebound in the current season. In addition, he’s recorded the triple-double for each of his last four games.

Jokic’s performance in the playoffs has better this year. In three of the four games he has played in, he has recorded over 30 points. The percentage of free throws he has increased from 49 percent to 83 percent. In addition, he has shot more than 50% of his shots from the field during playoffs.


Luka Doncic could be the next NBA player to be a star. He is a proven player and has played regularly in the league for the past two seasons. Chances of getting the MVP prize are quite high.

Despite his strong statistics yet, he’s never won an MVP prize yet. He has however been compared to LeBron James. His numbers could be higher than those of the King determined by the way measures are applied.

The fact is that Doncic’s not the only player in recent years to be considered an MVP. The MVP award in the NBA is given to the top player in the league, according to the votes cast by fans. In his three previous seasons Doncic was within striking distance of winning the title.

Several of the best athletes in the sport are higher than Doncic when it comes to the Kia Race to the MVP Ladder. Among them are LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Nikola Jokic.

Doncic may be NBA’s MVP by 2022-2023 if the player can keep the pace he’s at. It’s an enormous challenge for every player, and something Doncic can definitely do.


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Giannis Antetokounmpo is a promising young player of the NBA is an excellent example of this. He’s proved to be an All-Star as well as a top performer. He was selected to five All-Star Teams as well as two MVPs. He also won two Defensive Player Of The Year.

Antetokounmpo was ranked 15th in the overall pick in the 2013 season. He has since developed into a formidable forward, and has a vast array of talents. Antetokounmpo is an excellent defender and has a 7-3 wingspan. His footwork is excellent in the area of the basket.

He’s now an authority in the team and has helped transform the Milwaukee Bucks into a top contender in the Eastern Conference. The offensive aspect of his game is also his strength. He’s averaged about six assists per game over the past six seasons.

Antetokounmpo could be a top-five player in the league if it stays in good health. Although he is likely to be among the top five in all time, he still has much to do.


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