The Pros and Cons of Building vs Buying Last Mile Delivery Technology


There are a variety of aspects to consider regarding Last Mile Delivery Technology. Large retailers will often enter into the market with traditional or deferred last-mile delivery to cities that are dense in order to take control over their customer’s interactions and also to create synergies with next-day network.

Autonomous delivery vehicles

Delivery on the same day is feasible with automated delivery cars. They are built on cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence, and leverage GPS, real-time location, as well as route optimization to enhance effectiveness and lower costs. This advanced technology will drive the development of autonomous last mile transportation markets.

Simulations of Logistics

Logistics simulations can be a wonderful method to assess the efficiency of delivery technology that lasts the distance. The simulations allow businesses to understand how different scenarios could impact their operations. These simulations can help you plan and improve your business. For example, a simulation will show how a business can reduce the number of trucks needed to transport different goods.


Crowdsourced delivery is an excellent solution to speed up final-mile delivery and make it more convenient for your company. The companies that offer this type of service run an array of trucks, and use state-of-the-art tech and trained drivers to make delivery. Delivery services that are crowdsourced are popular across a wide range of companies, including the e-commerce giants such as Amazon as well as Lyft. Crowdsourced delivery services allow retailers to order their products online, and then assign an independent courier to make the delivery. After picking the product up from the designated location The agent then begins the delivery process.

Integration of software for retail

The Last Mile Delivery software will improve the speed and safety of delivery of your products. This can reduce damage to delivery products and enhance customer satisfaction.

Embracing e-commerce

The global economy of e-commerce has transformed the way we shop, and last mile delivery is no exception. Though the transition from brick-and mortar stores to online sales can be a good thing for retailers however, delivery of last mile items can present a problem in many of the countries with the highest population. In particular, the expanding middle population in India which is valued at nearly $100 billion by 2020, has created a high demand for delivery services that last. India’s postal system has been slow in the past, but that’s unfortunate.

Personalization is a crucial aspect

Personalization is one of the most important aspects of an excellent user experience (CX). The customers want speed, convenience and the human touch. This is what an organization must offer to be successful. The ability to personalize delivery in the last mile can provide a competitive advantage over competitors.


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