The hot, humid conditions that players have to endure


This was an old scene that had been repeated many times over the years by grand slam champions.

Daniil Medvedev, who won his maiden grand, fell to the ground a day after Raducanu and Dominic Thiem, who both lost their first grand slams.

Serena Williams was shocked to win her first grand slam at the 1999 US Open.

However, after that moment of joy, it often feels like there is a long wait before the pinnacle can again be achieved.

34 out of 45 grand slam winner since 2000 had to wait at least one year, if not two years.

Williams had to wait for her second grand-slam to be won.

“Depth in self-belief unlike any other” Tennis has long been controlled by three players who lose more often than win — Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

It has become a common occurrence to win more than one grand-slam, and even accepted, which can obscure the challenges of winning that first one.

Tennis is a single sport that requires constant travel over 10 months across time zones and different environments.

This creates a different psychological pressure than other sports.

“Sometimes, when I have social support, my eyes look to my left and my right.

I then see my teammate giving me a fist pump.



CNN Sport’s Dr Jarrod Spencer, a sports psychologist, explains that this type of support can really help an individual manage their performance anxiety.

But if it is just one-on-1, then you can see to your left or right and realize you are alone.

This requires self-belief unlike any other.

A unique scoring system creates danger on nearly every point.

This is why much of tennis can be “actually up to the head,” Eurosport’s expert, and ex-world No.

7 Barbara Schett tells CNN.

The virtuous circle of winning would appear to deepen self-belief, which then builds confidence that can be used at critical points during tight matches.

Schett explains, “When I reached the top 10, I stood on the court, and thought that I wouldn’t lose this match.

It’s impossible.

It’s impossible to imagine.



Imagine how the greats would feel on the court.

Williams was beaten by Schett three times during her career.

Schett defeated Williams 6-0, 6-0 in their last meeting at the 2003 French Open.

Schett recalls that she had lost the match against Schett before playing her, as her presence was so overwhelming.

Schett recalls feeling like she was going to win.

Physically, she’s so much stronger.

She is so hard to please.

She is confident in herself.

It’s time to go to the locker-room.

“But winning can also lead to feelings of invincibility and fallibility.

This creates new expectations and goals.

“Perfection does not exist” In the wake of Raducanu’s US Open victory, pundits raced to proclaim her a potential multiple grand slam champion due to her strong groundstrokes as well as her aggressive return of serve.

Her success brought her sponsors after sponsors, and PR professionals dubbed her the first British billionaire sports star.

Everyone expected me to win every tournament that I would ever play in again.

In a recent interview, Raducanu stated that perfection simply doesn’t exist.

Raducanu has had a string of injuries that have made her withdraw from several tournaments this season.

These include side strains, hip injuries, and blisters.

Raducanu, who has been to three grand slams in the past two weeks, fell to lower-ranked players on all occasions, failing to reach the second round of each.

Schett states that there is a lot of external expectation for her.

She wants another chance.

“She wants to show everyone that she isn’t just a one-day wonder, or even a two-week wonder.

But the pressures and expectations on her are very high.

For a 19 year old competing on the WTA Tour, this has been an excellent, though not remarkable season.

However, the high expectations around the Brit have made every loss seem like a disaster.

“That point of satisfaction” Expectations and goals change in the wake of major victories like grand slam titles.

Raducanu’s story is similar to Dominic Thiem’s.

After winning the 2020 US Open maiden grand-slam, Thiem fell out of the top echelons to reach a position as low as the world No.


The Austrian was unable to play due to a wrist injury and had difficulty adjusting to his grand slam win.

Thiem stated to Der Standard, an Austrian newspaper, that if you want to achieve a goal you must sacrifice everything.

However, tennis is a fast-paced game.

You don’t have the time to take in every victory and you can lose if your opponent wins.

This happened to me last year.

Spencer says that the psychology of reaching a significant goal can be compared to eating.

He says, “When you are hungry, you will do anything to get food.” Then, once you have reached that level of satisfaction where you feel satisfied, it becomes like I cannot eat another bite for quite a while.

It’s normal, and even natural.

Sometimes, an athlete might lose some drive after winning a significant event.

As athletes openly discuss mental health and the importance of it, elite sport is exposing its emotional cost.

After a row over her refusal to hold post-match press conferences, Naomi Osaka, a four-time grand champion in tennis, withdrew from the French Open to safeguard her mental health.

She revealed afterwards that she has suffered “long bouts of depression” as well as “huge waves anxiety” since winning her grand slam title in 2018.

Iga Swiatek praised Daria Abramowicz, her sports psychologist, for her role in helping her win 2020’s French Open.

Spencer says that many, many events have occurred.

It is crucial to manage the emotional energy sport can drain, which helps athletes recalibrate their goals and expectations.

After his year spent in wilderness, Thiem began to recover.

He won his first ATP Tour match after 14 months.

This was in the Bastad Open in Finland against Emil Ruusuvuori.

According to BBC, he stated that his last win was in Rome 2021.

“It feels like another world somehow.” Many, many events took place.

Although it was difficult, the experience was a great one for all aspects of life.

It was a great feeling to win my first match here.

Raducanu has also shown flashes of her form in recent weeks.

She won against Williams at the Western & Southern Open, Cincinnati.

Then she was defeated by Jessica Pegula in round three — only her second match against a top-10 player.

As she defends her title, Alize Cornet will be facing Raducanu in round one of the US Open.

Thiem will take on Pablo Carreno Busta..

Adapted from CNN News


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