The nearly a third of new jobs in Louisiana that are government jobs


Louisiana Adds 9,000 Jobs in August.

In August 2017, Louisiana added 9,000 jobs. This is nearly three-quarters of the total number of government jobs in the state. The latest count of government jobs in Louisiana shows that there are currently over 31,000 government employees in the state. Many of these positions are required by law and/or regulations that are related to their duties as public servants.The addition of new jobs in Louisiana is a positive sign for the state’s economy and its citizens. With a growing economy comes more employment opportunities for everyone, regardless of skill level or experience. These new jobs will help to boost the local economy and create new opportunities for residents.

Louisiana is on the Rise.

Louisiana has seen a growth in the economy over the past few years, with unemployment rates falling and job opportunities increasing. In August, the state added 9,000 jobs, nearly a third of all government jobs. This growth is good news for Louisiana and for the economy as a whole.

Louisiana is on the Rise in the Jobs Market

The job market in Louisiana is growing rapidly, with more and more people looking to fill positions in the state government. In August, there were almost 3 times as many jobs opening as there were vacancies. This growth is good news for everyone involved – employers are getting qualified applicants, workers are finding new employment, and taxpayers are seeing their taxes grow along with the state’s economy.

What are the Benefits of Louisiana’s Economic Growth.

The benefits of economic growth can be vast. In Louisiana, 9,000 jobs have been added in August, nearly a third of all the government jobs created in the state that month. This positive job growth is a result of various initiatives such as tax breaks and investment in infrastructure.Louisiana’s Economic Growth Can Help You Get ahead financiallyLouisiana has some of the lowest earners per capita in the country, meaning that many people are able to get ahead financially through their work and entrepreneurship. Tax breaks and incentives offered by the state are designed to help those who are working hard get ahead.Louisiana’s Economic Growth Can Help You Increase Your IncomeLouisiana’s economy is growing rapidly, and this increase in income potential will benefit everyone involved: businesses, individuals, and families. By increasing your income, you’ll be able to save more money for yourself and your family – which will help you live a comfortable life on a lower budget while also enjoying increased opportunities for advancement within your industry or field of work.


In August 2017, Louisiana announced that it had added 9,000 jobs. This news is positive for the state’s economy and job market. The increase in government jobs can help businesses save money and grow their businesses. Additionally, with the recent growth in Louisiana, businesses can find new opportunities to increase their income and get ahead financially.


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