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The Sunshine State, although it’s just a few miles away from Hawaii with regard to the climate, is not without its flaws. As an example, it has the second highest average temperature in the US as well as a greater than normal incidence of tornadoes. The state is also has a substantial LGBTQ populace. But, it’s a relatively affordable state to live in.

Missouri’s crime rates are low and the tax burden is relatively low. Like other states, Michigan offers a relatively low cost of living in addition to a lesser cost of taxation for the State. State of Ohio, however, does not come as a shock to people in residents of the Rust Belt. Ohio is an excellent place to retire. Actually, around 21 percent of the inhabitants are older than 65. In addition, the state ranks in the top 10 of health and the quality of life.

While the state of Florida is an ideal option for retiring, it is not the best state across the nation. We took on the task of finding the best state in the country for retirees. To find the most suitable state to retire in, we considered many factors like price of living, as well as tax burden. To determine the most appropriate state for retiring, we looked at average temperatures and the average cost of living. After a thorough analysis, we narrowed our list to six states. Every state is different, but we discovered that there are a handful of states with impressive merits.

State of Florida is a stunning geographical feat, but Missouri is lacking in many regions. In particular, it’s not the top place for retirees to live, but it is the state with the lowest state tax rate in the country. The largest portion of the country’s population can be found in Texas.


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