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The Rose Parade in Pasadena will showcase an array of vibrant flowers such as roses, carnations, daisies, marigolds, and various other types. On New Year’s Day, the city embraces this tradition wholeheartedly. This year’s theme, Celebrating a World of Music: The Universal Language, promises an abundance of musical performances that will delight parade enthusiasts. Renowned figures like Michelle Williams, an iconic member of Destiny’s Child, Cassadee Pope, the champion of The Voice, and Jordin Sparks, the winner of American Idol, will grace the audience with their extraordinary talents during the grand finale. Now let us delve into the procession itself, as we take a sequential look at the floats, bands, equestrian units, and more, along the .-mile parade route. (Please note:…

The composition of the lineup is subject to modifications, which may even occur as late as the morning of the parade. Please refer to the following pre-parade schedule for your convenience:

A. Sound car
B. Pace car
-a. Rose Parade Opening Spectacular, presented by Honda
-b. American Honda Keep Dreaming (Artistic Entertainment Services

Being a presenting sponsor of the Rose Parade, Honda’s float holds the honor of being the first one to glide down Colorado Boulevard. However, it does not participate in the judging process. Honda initially joined forces with the Tournament of Roses prior to the procession, contributing two-wheeled vehicles for the parade.

— and continuing its service to this day — the United States Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard of Barstow has been a remarkable presence in various events. In addition to their ceremonial duties, they also provide multi-purpose vehicles for efficient event operations.

Included in this prestigious lineup is the extraordinary U.S. Air Force B- Spirit Stealth Bomber flyover at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. This awe-inspiring tradition, which has captivated spectators of the Tournament of Roses for years, was momentarily suspended last year due to rigorous safety inspections conducted by the Air Force. However, it is with great anticipation that we announce its triumphant return in . As it soars through the skies, Colorado Boulevard will bear witness to its grandeur, alongside an international audience watching from their screens.

The formation of the United States Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard in Barstow traces back to the year .

The Marine Corps Logistics Base in Barstow actively promotes itself by participating in community-sponsored events. This base proudly maintains the status of being the last remaining mounted unit in the Marine Corps, thus serving as a significant recruitment tool. It is worth noting that this esteemed group has been leading each Rose Parade since the year . Additionally, it is interesting to highlight that, usually, only this equestrian unit is permitted to carry the American flag during the Rose Parade. However, exceptions were granted in and for the U.S. Forest Service to also ride alongside the Stars and Stripes. Furthermore, another noteworthy ensemble is the United States Marine Corps West Coast Composite Band, based at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

The United States Marine Corps West Coast Composite Band is a confluence of military bands, consisting of U.S. Marines hailing from the st Marine Division Band, rd Marine Aircraft Wing Band, and Marine Band San Diego. Adorned in the esteemed dress blue uniform, these Marine instrumentalists possess comprehensive combat training and a significant number have undertaken military deployments abroad. While each of the three bands independently delivers over performances annually, the Rose Parade remains the sole occasion that unifies all these exceptional musicians concurrently. . City of Alhambra Celebrating the Year of the Dragon.

Amona Elementary School in Alhambra, known for its artistic prowess, has meticulously crafted a magnificent float. This masterpiece showcases an awe-inspiring giant dragon, clutching a globe in its powerful claw, as it stands vigilantly over its slumbering baby dragon. A splendid display of flora encompasses this creation, with an impressive array of nearly , flowers. Among them are elegant purple fine-cut statice, delicate light lavender and white button mums, and the charming pink lady variety. The vibrant presence of hot pink cranberries, ebony black beans, and dark gray lettuce seeds adorning the majestic head of the mother dragon adds a unique touch. Notably, this entry not only commemorates the Year of the Dragon in but also signifies Alhambra’s th year of esteemed participation in the Rose Parade.

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In conclusion, the Coast Composite Band represents the epitome of dedication, talent, and military service. Comprised of musicians from different Marine bands, these extraordinary individuals come together in their iconic dress blue uniforms to showcase their skills and honor their commitment to their country. The Rose Parade serves as a momentous occasion where these exceptional musicians unite, demonstrating their exceptional musical abilities and highlighting the harmonious partnership between the military and the arts. As we celebrate the Year of the Dragon in the City of Alhambra, let us recognize and applaud the Coast Composite Band for their unwavering dedication and the immense pride they bring to our nation.


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