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In the realm of communal engagement, innovative dance initiatives, theatrical endeavors post-incarceration, choreography within prison yards, expressive methods through physical movement, profound serenity, exceptional capacity for recalling images, contemplative visual art portraying meditation, a film in cosmic collaboration by an esteemed opera company, an exhibition exploring the depths of the ocean, forward-thinking orchestral compositions, and an intergenerational saga unfolded as a trilogy on stage. On Thursday, January , Linda Ravenswood, a resident of Los Feliz and renowned poet and performance artist honored with the prestigious Oxford Prize, will grace Skylight Books with a presentation titled A Poem is a House. This event shall mark the debut of her latest collection of poems, featuring special appearances by Senator Anthony Portantino.

including zakian, West Hollywood City Poet Laureate Brian Sonia Wallace. In his profound commentary, Wallace eloquently expresses that Ravenswood’s book serves as a poignant reminder of one’s historical significance. It portrays the essence of being a living tapestry, embodying the words, memories, and treasures of all those who came before us. An enriching experience awaits at N. Vermont Ave., Los Feliz, on Thursday, January th, at pm. This extraordinary event is free to attend and further details can be found at skylightbooks.com. Additionally, on Friday, January th, the th Anniversary of the Cat Art Show will take place at Wallis Annenberg PetSpace. Renowned as the foremost exhibition celebrating feline art globally, Cat Art Show showcases the works of over esteemed and emerging artists.

Kamau White will be showcasing their eclectic and innovative artworks, which encompass a wide range of mediums such as painting, digital art, sculpture, jewelry, and mixed media. The exhibition will take place at Bluff Creek Dr in Playa Vista from Friday to Sunday, January -, with timings between am-pm. Admission is free with an RSVP and further details can be found on the official website catartshow.com.

Moreover, L.A. Dance Project proudly presents LAUNCH:LA featuring the talented JA Collective and Jamal Kamau White. As part of LADP’s residency program that supports emerging artists within the Los Angeles community, this event highlights the creation and presentation of original work by these exceptional artists. Their selection was based on their bold interdisciplinary approach to movement and collaboration.

The results of the premiere that will take place this weekend in January will be showcased at E. Washington Blvd., downtown. The event will run from Friday to Sunday, specifically on January th to st. Tickets for the performances are priced between $ and $ and can be purchased on ladanceproject.org.

Presenting Immigrants of the State at The Actors’ Gang, a group of talented individuals who have collectively served a total of years in prison have now found their way to freedom. Through their personal experiences, they have created a play that is both emotionally captivating and filled with humor, leaving audiences deep in thought. This raw and authentic journey chronicles the lives of fourteen Californians as they navigate through various stages of life before, during, and after incarceration. The play has been skillfully developed by Jeremie Loncka, Richard Loya, and other esteemed members of The Actors’ Gang Alumni Advocacy.

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What impact do we carry with us? The address is th St., Santa Monica, and the dates are Friday-Saturday, January -, commencing at pm. Tickets range from $ to $ and can be purchased on highwaysperformance.org. On Saturday, January , ReflectSpace Gallery presents Shepard Fairey’s exhibition, Peace is Radical. This timely display showcases artwork that delves into various subjects, such as democracy, race and gender equality, environmental justice, and above all, peace and harmony. Within this exhibit, Fairey skillfully utilizes the versatile medium of screen-printing to create both high-end art pieces and numerous prints that can be widely distributed.

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