What Arsenal fans think about Piers Morgan’s claim that Cristiano Ronaldo is exactly what they need to win the title.


Ojogo, Amorim said that ‘everyone at Sporting likes’ Ronaldo and that it is up to him to decide his future, but didn’t rule out a potential return for the forward. Ronaldo is a Manchester United player’, said Amorim. Piers Morgan has insisted that signing Cristiano Ronaldo is ‘exactly’ what Arsenal need to beat Manchester City to the Premier League title.

And Morgan – a close friend of the Portuguese – urged the table-topping Gunners, five points ahead of City as the World Cup approaches, to capitalise on the situation and snap up the 37-year-old forward in January to bolster their title bid.

1. What did Amorim say about Ronaldo’s potential return to Sporting?

Piers Morgan has been an outspoken critic of Arsenal’s lack of success in recent years, and he believes that signing Cristiano Ronaldo would be the perfect way to turn things around. Morgan was reacting to comments made by Ronaldo’s agent, Jorge Mendes, who said that a return to Ronaldo’s boyhood club Sporting Lisbon could be a possibility.

While Mendes didn’t explicitly say that Ronaldo would be interested in leaving Juventus for Arsenal, Morgan is convinced that the Portuguese star would jump at the chance to play for the Gunners. Morgan believes that Ronaldo would provide the perfect mix of experience and quality that Arsenal need to finally win the Premier League title.

2. What did Morgan say about Ronaldo signing with Arsenal?

Piers Morgan has claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo would be the perfect signing for Arsenal if they want to win the Premier League title. Morgan believes that Ronaldo’s experience and winning mentality would be a huge boost for the Gunners, who have not won the league since 2004.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is exactly what Arsenal need to win the Premier League title,” Morgan said. “He’s a proven winner, a world-class player, and he would bring a winning mentality to the club.

“Arsenal have not won the league since 2004 and they need a player like Ronaldo to help them get over the line. He would be the perfect signing for them.

Quick Summary

In conclusion, it is clear that Ronaldo is unhappy with his current situation at Manchester United. He feels that the club has betrayed him and that he does not respect manager Erik ten Hag. This is a hugely controversial interview that is sure to cause a stir among Manchester United fans.


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