What You Need to Know About XPeng’s Autonomous Vehicle Technology


Sign up for Unlocking the World, CNN Travel’s weekly newsletter, to be informed of the latest news about destinations opening and receive inspiration for future adventures. Receive the most cutting-edge information on aviation, food and drink, where to stay and other travel developments. (CNN— Commence the holiday season with our compilation of fifteen luxury hotels that go all out for Christmas, and then read about global Advent customs. Here are the remainder of CNN Travel’s highest regarded stories of the week. Airbus declared on November th their development of a hydrogen-powered fuel cell engine, furthering the potential of transportation.

Testing of the A, the world’s most expansive passenger aeroplane, is scheduled for . Making a departure from traditional transportation methods, the XPeng flying car successfully completed its premier public demonstration in Dubai last October. This all-electric two-seat vehicle is fit for urban areas as it can take off vertically and does not require a runway. Additionally, microcars may position themselves to be the preferred mode of transportation in densely populated cities due to a global trend towards eliminating congested roads and decreasing pollutant levels. Wild World Levart recently organized a photography contest to highlight these amazing advances.

Recently, the world has experienced a plethora of vivid nature images from across the globe. If you are in search of grandiose shots of golden snub-nosed monkeys, red foxes as they nuzzle, or even a playful polar bear cub, look no further than the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award. Alternatively, should you be feeling more captivated by a tree frog, hermit crab, or the enthralling battle between leopard and steenbok, consider taking a peek at the winners of the British Ecological Society photo contest. Moreover, last month, some other animals were captured on camera.

Loa, the world’s most extensive active volcano, continues to emit lava since its initial eruption in almost four decades. This article will discuss the potential danger of volcanic ash on airplanes and the recollections of former flight attendant Gwendolyn Bruhn, now years old, of her tenure at Hawaiian Airlines in the s, prior to Hawaii becoming a US state. Additionally, it will explore Japan’s longstanding admiration for Hawaii as a holiday destination owing to the concept of “iyashi,” suggesting “healing” or “comfort.

Astonishing drone footage shot in the Saudi desert has revealed a colossal, fish-shaped rock protruding from the sands. Photographer Khaled Al Enazi managed to capture this remarkable aerial view. Moreover, in other “Saudi things that resemble aquatic life but are not,” a design firm is striving to create an immense $ billion turtle-shaped boat which would become the most extensive floating structure to ever be constructed. CNN’s Richard Quest journeyed to Saudi Arabia earlier this year: Here is what he uncovered.

Rachel Nixon, a former private ambulance driver, have chosen a trip around the world as their vehicle of choice. Recently, the World’s Most Expensive Cities for have been announced and there is a tie between one in the United States and another in Asia. For further information on this list, please visit here. With , islands, provinces, and dialects, Indonesia offers a vast array of culinary experiences. Those visiting can look forward to sampling distinct dishes. Unfortunately, the aviation industry has experienced a lack of personnel, causing particular difficulties to certain groups of travelers.

In Summary

In conclusion, the remarkable drone footage shot by photographer Khaled Al Enazi of a fish-shaped rock protruding from the Saudi desert reveals just how incredible natural forms can be. Furthermore, the immense $ billion turtle-shaped boat set to be constructed in Saudi Arabia marks a monumental undertaking for design firm, and promises to be an incredible and awe-inspiring testament to human ingenuity. Finally, CNN’s Richard Quest’s journey to Saudi Arabia earlier this year was an eye-opening experience that has resulted in a wealth of information and insight on this amazing country.


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