“10 Tips for Finding Joy in the Chaos of Motherhood”


En mi juventud, recibí un valioso consejo de parte de mi padre sobre la elección de una carrera: evitar aquellas ocupaciones que tengan un día nacional de apreciación. Como docente de educación secundaria, consideraba que dichos días eran simplemente una forma superficial de compensar salarios insuficientes y falta de reconocimiento social. Por lo tanto, siguiendo esa lógica, ¿cómo deberíamos abordar entonces el Día de la Madre? Con experiencia de años como madre y habiendo sido hija de una madre viva durante años, entiendo la importancia de un día culturalmente establecido en el que se celebra la maternidad con gestos como desayunos en la cama.

I never refuse a tea in an elegant garden, complete with cards, gifts, and floral and/or edible arrangements. It is not in my nature to decline any of these offerings (although I have never been a fan of breakfast in bed, mainly because I know that if something spills, and it will, I will be the one changing the sheets). However, if we are being honest, motherhood is not something that this country celebrates at all. Oh, we sell motherhood. Hard. We make it very clear in all cultural mediums at our disposal that, while having a mother can be a bit complicated, being one is the ultimate joy.

The portrayal of motherhood in cinema and television has taught all women who did not believe they wanted a child that it was the best thing that could happen to them. Even Shiv Roy from Succession was going to have a baby, and you know it would make her very, very happy. We greet celebrity baby bumps with unabashed joy, watch YouTube videos of strangers’ gender reveal parties, and nod with amusing sympathy at all those TikToks about messy children’s rooms or really silly text messages. Mothers: They truly do it all, even film funny crises.

Maternidad es un concepto estrechamente ligado al consumo y a la moda, surgen preguntas sobre la durabilidad de artículos como Crocs, bolsos de mano y jeans de mamá. A pesar de la existencia de industrias multimillonarias dirigidas a las madres, que ofrecen desde clases de preparación para el parto hasta organizadores de bodas, el verdadero apoyo a las madres en términos de servicios esenciales sigue siendo un desafío.

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, many states have made it clear that they view motherhood as a legal obligation, if not a real punishment, for engaging in ual activity, whether consensual or not, resulting in pregnancy. Intent, desire, and capability are irrelevant. Cells are dividing in your body, and you will ensure they result in a child. Otherwise, since % of those seeking an abortion already have at least one child, surely control over their own bodies is a better gift for Mother’s Day.

A gift card for T.J. Maxx has been given. It is not surprising that these new laws have resulted in pregnant women and those seeking abortions being turned away from emergency rooms and clinics, where doctors and nurses are too afraid of being penalized for either assisting or failing to report anything remotely resembling an abortion to carry out their actual duties. According to a recent study from Yale University, approximately million pregnancies occur each year, with at least million ending in miscarriage. One. Million. Making their way to an emergency room near you.

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As we celebrate Mother’s Day, it is important to recognize the ongoing battle for reproductive rights that many women face. The recent actions and laws passed by various states only serve to reinforce the antiquated notion that motherhood is a punishment rather than a choice. Women should have the autonomy to make decisions about their own bodies and futures, without fear of legal repercussions. It is crucial that we continue to advocate for comprehensive reproductive rights and support the freedom of choice for all individuals. This Mother’s Day, let us remember that every person deserves the right to control their own destiny.


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