“Connecting with the Divine through Adventure: A Personal Account with Bra


Upon my arrival in Cusco, Peru, one of the initial observations that struck me was the profound kindness exhibited by the local inhabitants. Initially, I attributed this to mere happenstance. However, as my journey extended further into the country, it became apparent that such benevolence was intrinsic to their way of life. Upon meeting Braulio Paredes and enlisting his services as our guide in Machu Picchu, I inquired about the underlying cause of this remarkably positive demeanor. His response succinctly captured the essence of the energy I had experienced: Residing in the mountainous regions, we feel a closer connection to the divine. It goes without saying, this revelation left a lasting impression on me.

I was rendered speechless upon being asked to speak about myself and my family by The National Herald. My name is Braulio Paredes, and I am an experienced tour guide with years of service at Machu Picchu. My family resides in Cusco, Peru, where my wife fulfills the role of a homemaker. I am blessed with two daughters and a grandchild. As I embark on the journey of establishing Avalanche Peru Travel, my own company, I aim to provide innovative and comprehensive travel services to our customers.

Located within the illustrious Inca Empire, our services promise a one-of-a-kind journey for both body and mind. Upon arrival in Cusco, guests can expect top-notch, personalized assistance from our team. With tours organized to cover every possible attraction, visitors will have a plethora of options to choose from. We provide transportation options for individuals or groups, inclusive of entrance tickets and expert tour guides fluent in English. To further immerse our guests in the local culture, we offer recommendations for the finest restaurants serving delectable regional cuisine.

When touring our company, guests will find themselves deeply ingrained in the intricacies of our daily routines, customs, past events, and mindset. Through our guided excursions, travelers venture beyond the conventional paths to discover the concealed wonders of Peru. The country, particularly Cusco, harbors numerous clandestine gems awaiting exploration. As visitors traverse Peru’s breathtaking terrain, extending beyond the majestic Andes mountains, they undergo a profound metamorphosis that stimulates both their senses and inner essence. The enigmatic allure of hidden splendor along untrodden routes remains indescribable and unimaginable, encompassing ancient ruins, untouched hamlets, and authentic narratives passed down through generations.

Please accept this invitation to join us on an unforgettable journey with AVALANCHE Peru travel company. We are excited to announce our new tour offerings which include visits to various archaeological sites and villages such as the ancient Inca city of Vilcabamba, Huacrapucara, Rainbow Mountain, and Humantay Lake. The mysterious and hidden Vilcabamba is nestled within the Amazon jungle in the Cusco region, making it a rare gem that few have had the opportunity to explore due to its remote location. Prepare to be amazed by the rich history and natural beauty that awaits you on this remarkable adventure.

It has been purported that Huacrapucara served as the final bastion of the Inca civilization prior to the arrival of the Spanish conquest. This Inca archaeological site, known for its distinctive horn-shaped fortress design, was officially designated as a Cultural Heritage of the Nation in July by the Ministry of Culture. Believed to have functioned as an Inca sanctuary, Huacrapucara is situated on various terraces, plazas, and a labyrinthine arrangement of stones. Natural forces such as weathering, environmental elements, and sedimentary accretions have contributed to the formation of Rainbow Mountain over time. The mountain’s unparalleled mineral composition gives rise to a striking marbled appearance, displaying layers of vibrant colors including gold, lavender, red, and turquoise that soar majestically into the heavens. At an elevation of , meters (, feet), Humantay Lake adds to the allure of this region.

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Join us on a journey like no other with AVALANCHE Peru travel company. Our new tour offerings will take you to incredible archaeological sites and villages, including the hidden gem of Vilcabamba nestled within the Amazon jungle. Prepare to be amazed by the rich history and natural beauty that await you on this unforgettable adventure. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore some of Peru’s most breathtaking destinations with our expert guides. Book your trip now and let the magic of Vilcabamba and other incredible sites enchant you.


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