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at the California Theatre that promises to offer audiences an unprecedented experience. This unique performance will feature cellist Yves Dhar engaging in a captivating on-stage musical duel with AGNES, an AI-driven hologram. Adam Schoenberg’s composition, titled Automation, breaks away from traditional concerto norms and is specifically tailored for the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley. Robert Massey, the executive artistic director for Symphony San Jose, ponders whether music produced by a machine devoid of emotions can evoke the same profound reactions as music crafted by human hands. As such, this concert invites its listeners to contemplate this very question. Commencing their collaboration in , Dhar and Schoenberg embarked on the creation of a cello concerto that will undoubtedly capture the imagination of all those fortunate enough to witness it.

The suggestion of incorporating a hologram on stage, playfully proposed by Dhar, became firmly established. Subsequently, Schoenberg collaborated with colleagues from Occidental College’s computer science department to create a machine-learning algorithm capable of autonomously composing unique music. The outcome was AGNES, an acronym for Automatic Generator Network for Excellent Songs. In an article published last summer for Chamber Music America, Dhar stated, As we delved deeper into this concept, we discovered a profound significance in the juxtaposition of humans and holograms within an orchestral setting; a clash between tradition and innovation.

In the realm of artistic performance, a contrasting dynamic often emerges – that between the traditional and the technological, the live and the virtual, the human and the machine. In this vein, Automation, a composition premiered alongside the esteemed Louisville Symphony in , will exude a distinctly cinematic atmosphere, meticulously intertwining musical elements with visual spectacle to craft a captivating narrative for its audience. Employing a contemporary take on the age-old Pepper’s Ghost illusion, an innovative setup utilizing a specialized screen and projector will conjure a mesmerizing hologram effect. The technical aspects of this production necessitate an extensive rehearsal dedicated solely to these intricate technologies. Additionally, Automation will showcase the enchanting sounds of a Halldorophone, an electronically augmented instrument reminiscent of a cello, augmenting the auditory palette and contributing to the overall richness of the performance.

Solemnly resonating beyond exclusive solo exhibitions and cinematic scores, the forthcoming concerts scheduled for : p.m. on Saturday and : p.m. on Sunday shall be preceded by a thought-provoking panel discussion an hour prior to commencement. This engaging discourse intends to delve into the realm of artificial intelligence’s impact on the world of music, featuring the esteemed presence of Schoenberg and Kathryn Leonard, a distinguished professor of computer science at Occidental known for her contributions to AGNES. Assiduously moderating this stimulating dialogue will be none other than Nick Larson, renowned host of the Silicon Zombies podcast. Furthermore, the remaining segments of the program shall embrace a captivating theme rooted in the realms of science-fiction and fantasy, showcasing the brilliance of John Adams’ timeless composition Short Ride in a Fast Machine, alongside the enchanting melodies of Paul Dukas’ widely recognized masterpiece, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Auss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra, renowned for its appearance in the film : A Space Odyssey in , has gained more recent recognition from the masses who watched last summer’s popular movie Barbie. You can acquire tickets for the performance at www.symphonysanjose.org. Massey, expressing his excitement about the program, emphasized that it is an event not to be missed. This musical experience intends to captivate individuals who do not typically attend such concerts and also offers exceptional compositions.

CAMPBELL CONSTRUCTION: If you have visited downtown Campbell recently, it is likely that you have observed the ongoing $. million renovation project of the library. The old structure now stands as a mere hollow frame, symbolizing the transformation taking place.

The temporary Campbell Express Library, located at Building E within the Campbell Community Center, will now accommodate redirected patrons. Additionally, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new police building is scheduled to take place this Thursday on First Street; however, the commencement of construction for the $. million project remains uncertain. Due to ongoing construction activities, it regretfully implies that the city of Campbell cannot host its customary Thursday evening summer concert series, which usually takes place on Orchard City Green near the Ainsley House. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that the construction will not hinder musical events on Campbell Avenue or within other venues. With optimism, it is anticipated that all construction endeavors will conclude by next summer.

In Summary

In conclusion, whether you are a fan of the popular movie Barbie or looking for a unique musical experience, the Symphony San Jose’s upcoming performance is an event not to be missed. With exceptional compositions and the intention to captivate individuals who may not typically attend classical concerts, this program is sure to be a memorable experience. And if you happen to find yourself in downtown Campbell, make sure to take a moment to appreciate the ongoing renovation project of the library, symbolizing the transformation and growth taking place in the community.


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