“Conquering the Sweet Tooth Market: Inside the Mind of a Candy Millionaire”


New Yorkers endure some of the lengthiest commutes in the United States, however Long Island resident Jay Simunovich desires for his journey to work to be extended. In an interview with The Post, he shared that his commute typically lasts around minutes on the Hempstead Line from Floral Park to Penn Station, during which he immerses himself in the Candy Kingdom. Mr. Simunovich, aged , is employed in the field of fiber optics during the day, while in his free time before and after work, he hones his skills as the current world champion of Candy Crush, having emerged victorious in the Candy Crush All-Stars tournament. He has ambitious plans to defend his title in the future.

Since , Simunovich has integrated his daily commute aboard the Long Island Rail Road with playing Candy Crush Saga, a game he enjoys, resulting in him earning $, last year. This game is a tile-matching activity featuring sweet treats and enticing combinations as per its description. The current worldwide competition for adept players aged and older commenced on March and will culminate on April , with a grand prize of $ million awaiting the ultimate victor. Simunovich’s routine of engaging in this game during his LIRR commute has proven to be financially rewarding.

I found the experience of playing Candy Crush Saga to become more enjoyable from the outset. As I progressed, completing levels became a regular part of my daily routine, he disclosed. Dubbing himself a seasoned Candy Crush veteran, Simunovich carefully selects his seating position on the train to minimize disruptions: opting for the secluded jump seat by the train doors on the LIRR as it offers a quieter environment conducive to focusing. At times, the father of four becomes fully engrossed in the Candy Kingdom. On several occasions, I have been so immersed in the game that I only snapped out of it after realizing how much progress I had made.

Upon reaching my designated destination, he said with a chuckle. There was a period when Simunovich believed his excessive engagement with Candy Crush had become problematic, prompting him to abruptly cease playing for three years upon reaching an impressive level of , out of ,. Fortunately, he succumbed to his virtual craving just in time to become informed about the Candy Crush All-Stars. His choice to participate in the competition seemed like an obvious one, as he shared with The Post. Simunovich entered the international mobile gaming tournament alongside million other contestants from various countries such as the UK, US, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France.

The countries participating in the online gaming competition include Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Ireland, Finland, Poland, Romania, Czechia, Greece and Portugal. The gamer competed fiercely for a month before eventually securing a spot in the Final . Reflecting on his journey, he expressed astonishment, stating, I could hardly believe it was happening to me, until I found myself on the stage in London, playing Candy Crush in front of a live audience! With ten years of experience in the game, he was able to outshine the second and third-place competitors from Eugene, Oregon, and Madrid, Spain, respectively. Simunovich emerged victorious, walking away with a $, prize while the other two contestants received $, each.

Simunovich proudly acquired a unique championship ring adorned with an array of semi-precious gemstones set in gold, crafted by Icebox and valued at $,. His winnings were not hoarded selfishly but instead invested in purchasing tickets for the Power Trip, a three-day musical festival held in California featuring acclaimed bands such as AC/DC, Guns’ N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, and Tool. He enthusiastically recounted his journey, from the exhilarating flight to playing Candy Crush on the plane, to camping out in a rented Chevy Suburban. The experience was thoroughly enjoyable, especially as it benefitted his wife with a newly renovated kitchen. Overall, it was a rewarding and memorable vacation.

Learninng Outcome

In the world of competitive gaming, anything is possible. The journey from Romania, Czechia, Greece, and Portugal to the Final in London was filled with determination, skill, and sweat. The moment of victory for Simunovich was surreal, as he stood on stage surrounded by a live audience, showcasing his Candy Crush prowess. With a decade of experience under his belt, he outshined the competition and walked away with the grand prize. It just goes to show that with dedication and practice, dreams can become a reality in the gaming world.


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